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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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With Its Superior Airpower, America Can Contain Iran and Its Proxies2017-September-20
The Next Hizbullah-Israel Conflict2017-September-20
Trump Can Make the Most of a Bad Iran Deal2017-September-14
IDF: Iran Is Israel's Most Pressing Threat2017-September-12
The Iran Deal Is on Thin Ice, and Rightly So 2017-September-12
Expert: Hizbullah Has Built Tunnels into Israel2017-August-29
The Temple Mount Crisis: An Israeli Perspective2017-August-28
Washington's Decision on Aid to Egypt 2017-August-24
The Muslim Brotherhood's Fatal Mistake2017-August-22
Kurds Fear Western Sellout after They Defeat ISIS in Raqqa 2017-August-18
U.S. Should Work to Block Further Iranian Expansion in Syria2017-August-16
Iran's Emerging Space Program2017-August-02
On Bombing Anniversary, Iran Still Engaged in Illicit Activity 2017-July-21
The Ceasefire and U.S. Interests on the Jordan-Syria Border2017-July-18
Syrian Ceasefire Makes Israel Nervous2017-July-18
Iran Fighting in Syria to the Last Shia Proxy 2017-July-07
The Path to a New Saudi Arabia2017-June-30
Iran Missile Strikes in Syria Reveal Its Potential Military Weakness 2017-June-23
Poll: Gazans Want the PA to Take Over2017-June-21
Palestinian Public Are Tactical Moderates, But Strategic Militants2017-June-16
The Balfour Declaration Was Not the Isolated Act of a Single Nation2017-June-16
What Makes U.S.-Israel Defense Ties so "Rock Solid?"2017-June-09
Finding a "Zone of Possible Agreement" for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations¬Ě2017-May-23
A U.S. Agenda for the Middle East2017-May-17
U.S. Should Help Egypt in Its War on Terror 2017-May-12
Qatar Needs to Stop Funding Islamists2017-May-10
When International Guarantees Utterly Failed2017-May-08
Iran Is Building Two Land Corridors to the Mediterranean2017-May-04
Syria After the U.S. Missile Strikes: Policy Options 2017-April-28
How the King of Morocco Saved the Jews2017-April-28
If Arab States Are Involved in the Peace Process, They Will Seek to Fulfill Palestinian Aspirations2017-April-28
Turkey's Ties to the West Are in Deep Trouble2017-April-18
Military Strikes on Syria: Historical Lessons and Implications 2017-April-12
Egyptian Military Needs to Update Its Strategy Against Jihadis2017-April-12
Trump Raises the Stakes for Russia and Iran2017-April-10
Enhancing Egyptian-Israeli Ties 2017-April-07
If Palestinians Are Serious about Peace, "Martyr" Violence Should Not Pay2017-April-07
America Must Send a Strong Message to Syria that Using Chemical Weapons in War Is Not Acceptable2017-April-06
Do Palestinians Want a Two-State Solution?2017-April-05
The Role of Iraqi Security Forces in Defeating the Islamic State2017-March-30
Rebel Push on Damascus Shows Syria's War Is Far from Over2017-March-23
Iran Loses Thousands, 10 Generals in Syria-Iraq Wars 2017-March-21
Iran's Budgets Are Fiction 2017-March-17
U.S. Should Warn Russia to Keep Iran and Hizbullah Away from Israel's Syrian Border2017-March-16
Is Iran Attempting to Thwart U.S. Surveillance of Its Missile Tests?2017-March-10
The Internal Collapse Facing Lebanon's Shiites2017-March-07
Bab al-Mandab Shipping Chokepoint Under Threat 2017-March-02
Hizbullah Losing Its Luster under Iranian General Soleimani 2017-February-23
What Is Trump's Israel Policy?2017-February-20
The Road to Peace2017-February-17

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