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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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What Khashoggi's Murder Tells Us about the Saudi Power Structure 2018-October-23
Did Camp David Doom the Palestinians?2018-October-22
Russia Giving Syria the S-300 Is More Message than Menace2018-October-17
Iran's Growing Influence in Syria Sparks Concern 2018-October-16
Hizbullah's Urban Missile Factories Put Lebanese Civilians at Risk2018-October-05
Why Mega-Projects for Saving Gaza Won't Work2018-October-02
The Shia Arabs of Khuzestan 2018-September-28
The Myth of "Failed" Peace2018-September-14
Israeli Gas Is Almost Ashore, But Challenges Remain2018-September-13
Impact of the UNRWA Funding Cutoff2018-September-07
ISIS Never Went Away in Iraq 2018-September-06
Iran Is Throwing a Tantrum but Wants a Deal2018-August-16
Seeing Saudi Changes Up Close2018-August-14
Iran's Deadly Diplomats2018-August-10
Why Younger Saudis Won't Fund, Facilitate or Fight for a Palestinian State 2018-August-06
Neutralizing the Gaza Powder Keg2018-July-13
Stop the Expansion of the Iranians in Syria2018-July-09
Iran Proxies and Partners Heavily Involved in Assad Offensive in Southern Syria2018-July-02
Where Next for the Iran Nuclear Deal? A View from Israel2018-June-28
Could Assad and Russia Expel Iran from Syria?2018-June-27
Arab Leaders Need to Play a More Prominent Role in Peace-Making than They Ever Have Before 2018-June-22
Wasatia: The Path to Reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis2018-June-20
Iran's Vulnerabilities to U.S. Sanctions: Finding the Weak Spots2018-June-15
North Korea in the Middle East: A Dangerous Military Supply Line2018-June-13
Scenarios Facing Israel as U.S. Withdraws from Iran Deal2018-June-12
Has the Assad Regime "Won" Syria's Civil War?2018-May-22
Israel Defense Minister: Russia a "Very Pragmatic" Actor in Syria2018-May-01
Bracing for an Israel-Iran Confrontation in Syria2018-May-01
How Hamas Exploits the People of Gaza2018-April-24
Maintaining Israel's Qualitative Military Edge in a Changing Region2018-April-24
The Logic of the Chemical Attack in Syria2018-April-20
Iran Controls Syria's Shia Militias 2018-April-13
The Iranian Drone Threat in Syria2018-April-11
Military Strikes on Syria: Critical Considerations2018-April-11
In Private, PA Leadership Opposes Gaza Protests2018-April-10
Mismanagement Leaves Iran's Economy Vulnerable 2018-April-05
In Its Cold Peace with Israel, Egypt Prohibits Full Normalization2018-March-30
The Palestinian Leadership Does Not Want to Return to Negotiations with Israel2018-March-15
U.S. Wants Saudis to Seek a Diplomatic Solution to Yemen's Civil War2018-March-02
The Road to Protective Edge: The 2014 Israel-Hamas Confrontation in Gaza2018-February-28
In Long-Secular Turkey, Sharia Is Gradually Taking Over2018-February-23
Abbas at the Security Council 2018-February-21
America Should Get Behind Saudi Arabia's Revolutionary Crown Prince2018-February-21
How Muslims Now View a Pilgrimage to Jerusalem2018-February-20
The Iranian Militia Problem in Syria 2018-February-20
Israel, the Palestinians, and the Administration's Peace Plan2018-February-16
Continued Iranian Military Expansion in Syria Will Lead to Wider Conflict2018-February-13
Israel Signaling a Heavy Price for Iranian "Entrenchment" in Syria2018-February-13
Russia's Impact on Israel's Security Interests in Syria2018-February-06
A Holocaust Awareness Awakening in Saudi Arabia 2018-January-29

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