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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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A Fence That Makes Sense 2004-February-25
Saddam's Ambassador to al-Qaeda 2004-February-25
Israel's Sharon is Up to Something in Gaza. But What?2004-February-24
Hamas from Cradle to Grave 2004-February-19
Advancing Palestinian Society by Weakening Hamas2004-February-17
How to Build a Fence2004-February-11
Iran's Threat to Coalition Forces in Iraq 2004-January-27
Shut Down Hamas2004-January-23
Israel's Security: The Hard-Learned Lessons 2004-January-14
Hamas's Political Wing: Terror by Other Means 2004-January-08
In Defense of a Fence 2004-January-02
Promoting Democracy in Syria - Options for U.S. Policy2003-December-16
Israel Quietly Helps U.S. in Iraq, Aides Say2003-December-12
Untangling the Web: Crossovers among International Terrorist Groups2003-November-04
Dennis Ross Defends Think Tank Invitation to Fatah Activists2003-October-31
The Egyptian Underground: Rooting Out the Terrorists2003-October-30
How the Media Reported the Palestinian Uprising2003-October-24
Fatah Delegation Invited by Washington Institute2003-October-21
Fatah Delegation Invited by Washington Institute2003-October-18
International Military Intervention: A Detour on the Road to Israeli-Palestinian Peace2003-October-01
Gaining Support for Action on Iran's Nuclear Program2003-September-11
Hizballah's West Bank Foothold2003-September-03
Combating Terrorist Financing: Where the War on Terror Intersects 2003-August-15
How to Win Friends and Influence Arabs2003-August-13
Abbas Keeps His Eye on the Big Picture2003-July-15
How Much Don't We Know? Government-Imposed Constraints on Middle East Media Coverage2003-July-11
Help Abbas Succeed2003-June-25
Terrorism As A Strategic Threat to Israel2003-June-20
Whose Fault?2003-June-12
Iranians Favor Resumption of Relations with U.S.2003-May-23
Hizballah's Message of Hate and Powell's Levant Visit2003-May-14
Impact of Success in Iraq on Gulf States2003-May-09
Winning the Peace in the Middle East: A Bipartisan Blueprint for Postwar U.S. Policy2003-May-02
New Critique of State Dept on Road Map and Syria 2003-April-22
Prospects for Democratization in a Post-Saddam Middle East2003-April-04
Road Map to Where?2003-April-04
The Shi'is and the Future of Iraq2003-March-19
Taba Mythchief2003-March-17
Iraq's al-Samoud: A Missile with Great Possibilities2003-March-06
A Fence That Makes Sense2003-February-25
Saddam's Ambassador to al-Qaeda 2003-February-25
Iran's Nuclear Program: Gathering Dust or Gaining Steam?2003-February-13
Reforming the Arab Stand: The Saudi Initiative2003-February-06
The Bush Administration in the Middle East: A Preview of 2003 2003-January-31
Ansar al-Islam: Iraq's Al Qaeda Connection2003-January-30
Criminal Enterprise in the Political Economy of Middle Eastern Terrorism 2003-January-21
Banning Hizballah Activity in Canada2003-January-13
Iran's Nuclear Activities: What Might the IAEA Learn?2003-January-03
Trouble in the House of Saud2002-December-31
Powell on Democracy in the Muslim World2002-December-26

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