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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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A Hamas Headquarters in Saudi Arabia? 2005-September-30
Palestinian Militants Gather Post-Disengagement Momentum2005-September-28
A New Reality on the Egypt-Gaza Border: Analysis of the New Israel-Egypt Agreement 2005-September-23
Palestinian Elections, Who's Allowed to Run, and U.S. Policy2005-September-23
Toward a Quartet Position on Hamas: European Rules on Banning Political Parties2005-September-15
Undermining Hamas and Empowering Moderates by Filling the Humanitarian Void2005-September-09
Engaging Israel: The Significance of the Istanbul Meeting between Israel and Pakistan 2005-September-05
Engaging Israel: The Significance of the Istanbul Meeting between Israel and Pakistan 2005-September-05
Iran and Diplomacy 2005-August-22
"Saudi Brezhnevs"2005-August-04
Encouraging a Tougher PA Response to the Hamas Challenge 2005-July-29
Abbas's Challenges2005-July-22
After the London Bombings: Meeting the Challenge of Young Muslims and Extremism2005-July-22
Double or Nothing: The G8's Unhelpful Generosity 2005-July-21
Saudi Monarchy: Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?2005-July-08
Deteriorating Security May Short-Circuit Israeli-Palestinian Opportunities2005-June-29
Sharon's Disengagement Plan 2005-June-25
Assessing Palestinian Security Reform 2005-June-24
A Gaza Pull-Out Does Not Reward Terror 2005-June-22
Talk Is Cheap2005-June-17
Sin of Omission2005-June-09
Deciphering the Bush-Abbas Press Conference2005-June-01
The Timeframe for Preventing Iran's Nuclearization2005-May-27
The Timeframe for Preventing Iran's Nuclearization2005-May-27
A Crawl Toward Mideast Peace 2005-May-13
A Widening Expectations Gap between Israelis and Palestinians2005-April-22
Countdown to Disengagement 2005-April-20
Gaza: Moving Forward by Pulling Back2005-April-14
Assessing the Upcoming Bush-Sharon Summit: Clarifying Ambiguity2005-April-11
The Hizballah Conundrum2005-April-08
The Hizballah Conundrum2005-April-08
Syrian Strategy in Lebanon2005-March-29
Withdrawal Without Reward2005-March-25
What Role for the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria's Future?2005-March-15
Preventing Iran and Hizballah from Filling the Void in Lebanon2005-March-11
Israel's Newly Approved Security Fence Route: Geography and Demography2005-March-04
Security, Reform, and Peace: The Three Pillars of U.S. Strategy in the Middle East2005-February-25
Consolidating the Palestinian-Israeli Ceasefire2005-February-18
Lights, Camera, Inaction? Saudi Arabia's Counterterrorism Conference2005-February-15
Sustaining an Israeli-Palestinian Cease-Fire2005-February-11
Prospects for Security, Peace, and Reform in the Abbas Era2005-February-10
Saudi Arabia and Oil: Coping with the Challenge of Osama bin Laden2005-February-03
No Grace Period for Newly Elected Abbas 2005-January-27
Palestinian Stirrings2005-January-03
When Minorities Rule in the Middle East - Historical Realities 2004-December-31
Are All Politics Local? A Look at Palestinian Municipal Elections Results2004-December-29
Challenges Facing a New Palestinian President 2004-December-17
Deciphering Post-Arafat Palestinian Politics 2004-December-17
The End of the Peace Process2004-December-10
Saudi Stability in the Shadow of the U.S. Consulate Attack in Jeddah 2004-December-09

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