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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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Coping with the Challenge of Iran2008-August-07
Financial Crisis Grips PA Government 2008-August-05
The Impact of Olmert's Announcement 2008-August-01
Olmert Departure Likely to Slow Peace Talks 2008-July-31
Confronting the Challenge of Iran2008-July-25
Hizbullah's Military Wing Under Pressure Despite Political Gains2008-July-18
Saudi Arabia: Interfaith Talks Abroad, Intolerance at Home 2008-July-18
Strengthening the Partnership: How to Deepen U.S.-Israel Cooperation on the Iranian Nuclear Challenge 2008-July-08
The Unlikely Prospects for an Israeli-Palestinian Agreement in 20082008-July-04
Thinking about Preventive Military Action Against Iran 2008-July-02
Reconciling with Hamas? Abbas' Hedge Against a Failed Peace Process 2008-June-20
Israel and Hizbullah: 2006-2008 2008-June-12
U.S.: Syria's Unwillingness to Stop Supporting Terrorists a Key Obstacle to Peace 2008-June-02
The U.S.-Israel-Egypt Trilateral Relationship: Shoring Up the Foundation of Regional Peace 2008-May-28
Syria: Between Negotiations with Israel and the Iranian Axis2008-May-27
Lebanon: Hizbullah Victory or Temporary Truce?2008-May-23
Is an Attack on Iran a Big Risk?2008-May-23
Showdown between Hizbullah and Beirut 2008-May-12
U.S., Allies See Progress in Selling Al-Qaeda as an Enemy to the Muslim World2008-April-29
Choices and Strategies for Dealing with Iran2008-April-29
Egypt Builds a Wall and Changes Its Tune on Israel's Barrier 2008-April-22
The False Hope of Embracing Hamas 2008-April-21
Legitimizing Hamas2008-April-16
The Damascus Arab Summit: Arab Divisions Ensure Modest Achievements 2008-April-03
The PA's Reform Plan: Difficulties and Political Implications 2008-March-18
Weapon of Terror: The Kassam Rocket2008-March-12
Gaza v. Annapolis2008-March-05
Beyond Rhetoric: Hizbullah Threats after the Mughniyeh Assassination 2008-February-29
Sanctions on Businessman Target Syria's Inner Sanctum2008-February-22
Iran's Parliamentary Elections: Assured Victory for the Supreme Leader 2008-February-22
Who Was Imad Mughniyeh?2008-February-15
Gaza, Stripped2008-February-12
How to Turn Gaza Over to Egypt2008-February-07
Lebanon War Report: Implications for U.S.-Israeli Relations2008-February-04
Iranian Threats and the UN Sanctions Debate2008-January-30
UK: NIE Does Not Change Our Concerns about Iran2008-January-24
Bush and Rice Pushing for "Shelf" Agreement2008-January-17
Prosecuting Terrorism: A Change in Tactics2008-January-15
Baby Steps2008-January-09
Bush's Mideast Trip2008-January-07
Raising the Costs for Tehran2008-January-04
The European View on Iran: Fallout from the New U.S. Intelligence Estimate 2007-December-28
The Palestinians: Between State Failure and Civil War2007-December-25
Sanction Iran Now2007-December-20
The Dunderheaded Public Roll-Out of the NIE2007-December-12
Contending with Iran's Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities2007-December-07
Judging Iran's Nuclear Program2007-December-05
Bush at Annapolis2007-November-30
Hope for Leaders' Cooperation, But Little for Results 2007-November-27
Confidence Building after Annapolis 2007-November-21

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