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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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How to Unfreeze a Middle East Stalemate 2012-January-09
An Iranian Nuclear Breakout Is Not Inevitable2012-January-05
The Real Iranian Threat in the Gulf 2012-January-04
Iran's Strait of Hormuz: A Challenge to U.S. Policy2011-December-30
U.S. Preparing Options for Aiding Syrian Opposition 2011-December-29
Minding the Gaps: Territorial Issues in Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking 2011-December-26
Israel Is Wide Awake as Decision Time Approaches on Nuclear Iran2011-December-22
Bashar Assad in the Balance 2011-December-16
Iran's Threat to Blockade the Strait of Hormuz2011-December-16
Where Did Nick Kristof Get the Idea that the Muslim Brotherhood Is Moderate? 2011-December-15
Dennis Ross: Still Time to Prevent Iran's Nuclear Program 2011-December-14
Saudi Arabia's Security Meeting with Iran 2011-December-14
Only Threat of Military Action Will Stop Iran2011-November-23
Building on the Opportunity of the IAEA Report on Iran2011-November-16
Obama, Erdogan Find Shared Interests 2011-November-15
Tensions Grow between Egypt's Military Leaders and the Muslim Brotherhood2011-November-10
Iran's Nuclear Program: "Credible" Evidence of "Continuing" Work on a Bomb2011-November-09
U.S. Support for Israel's Qualitative Military Edge 2011-November-08
Iran's Growing Presence in Latin America a Menace 2011-November-03
Poll Shows 40 Percent of Jerusalem Arabs Prefer Israel to a Palestinian State2011-November-03
Israel: A True Ally in the Middle East 2011-November-01
Tunisia's Ghannouchi on the End of Israel2011-October-26
Deter, Don't Dismiss, the Iranian Threat2011-October-17
Freeing Gilad Shalit: The Cost to Israel2011-October-17
Indicting a Syrian American: Diplomatic Implications 2011-October-14
Iraq, Siding with Iran, Sends Essential Aid to Syria's Assad 2011-October-10
Jordan: All Quiet on the Eastern Front?2011-October-07
After the Quartet Statement: Is Abbas the Odd Man Out? 2011-October-03
Hamas Expanding Its Activities in Saudi Arabia, Turkey2011-September-28
Obama's Focus at the UN 2011-September-23
Why Europe Should Reject the Palestinian UN Statehood Bid 2011-September-23
The Perils of the Palestinians' Big Moment at the UN 2011-September-22
Showdown at the United Nations2011-September-19
Washington's Limited Influence in Egypt 2011-September-16
The Dire Situation in Egypt2011-September-15
Expert: Hamas Policy Crux of Dispute with Ankara 2011-September-14
Egypt Crisis Fortifies U.S., Israel Ties2011-September-14
The Palestinian Bid for UN Membership2011-September-12
The Strategic Culture of the Islamic Republic of Iran: Operational and Policy Implications2011-September-09
The Egypt-Israel Peace Is Hanging by a Thread 2011-September-09
What Do the Arabs of East Jerusalem Really Want?2011-September-08
Critiquing Israeli Construction in Jerusalem: Another U.S. Miscue with the Quartet2011-August-18
A Willingness to Kill: Repression in Syria2011-August-17
Saudi Arabia Tells Syria: "Stop the Killing Machine"2011-August-09
Iran Makes Itself More Vulnerable to Outside Pressure2011-August-08
U.S., Europe Consider Boycott of Syrian Oil 2011-August-05
Syrian Army Shows Growing Signs of Strain 2011-August-03
Three Polls: Muslim Brotherhood Is Unpopular in Egypt2011-July-28
The U.S. and Syria: A Tale of Two Embassies 2011-July-22
Bring Those Indicted in 1994 Argentina Bombing to Trial2011-July-22

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