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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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Confronting Damascus: U.S. Policy toward Syria2012-April-30
Are Syrian Alawites and Turkish Alevis the Same?2012-April-27
In Egypt: A Crisis of Confidence 2012-April-19
The Challenge of Containing Iran's Enrichment Activities2012-April-17
Squandered Leverage over Iran2012-April-10
The Muslim Brotherhood's Mendacious Charm Campaign in Washington2012-April-10
The U.S. Can Meet Israel Halfway on Iran2012-April-02
Kofi Annan's Plan for Syria Is Destined to Fail 2012-March-29
Time to Stop Incitement to Murder - Again 2012-March-22
Washington and Israel on Iran: Unresolved Differences 2012-March-19
The End of the "Peace Process"?2012-March-13
No Nuclear Compromise2012-March-09
Avoiding a Bad Nuclear Deal with Iran2012-March-08
Between the Lines of Obama's AIPAC Speech2012-March-07
Military Strike on Iran: Are Obama and Netanyahu Now on the Same Page?2012-March-07
Iran's Majlis Elections: Whoever Wins, the West Loses2012-March-01
Indirect Intervention in Syria2012-February-23
Friendship Under Fire 2012-February-23
A New Wave of Anti-Americanism in Cairo 2012-February-17
Bashar al-Assad vs. the Syrian People 2012-February-16
Turkey vs. Iran 2012-February-16
From the Syria Veto to the Egypt NGO Crisis2012-February-08
How the Arab Spring Warmed U.S.-Turkish Relations2012-February-01
The Free Syrian Army Bleeds the Assad Regime2012-January-31
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and Its Record of Double Talk2012-January-31
Diplomacy to Remove Assad Gains Momentum2012-January-26
How the U.S. Should Handle the Islamist Rise in Egypt2012-January-23
Middle East Miscalculation 2012-January-23
Calculating Victory: How Iran Views Confronting the U.S.2012-January-20
Iran's Unlovable Opposition2012-January-13
Expect No Breakthrough in Israel-PA Negotiations during U.S. Election Year2012-January-13
The Muslim Brotherhood's Radical Plan for Egypt 2012-January-12
Sinai: A New Front2012-January-12
How to Unfreeze a Middle East Stalemate 2012-January-09
An Iranian Nuclear Breakout Is Not Inevitable2012-January-05
The Real Iranian Threat in the Gulf 2012-January-04
Iran's Strait of Hormuz: A Challenge to U.S. Policy2011-December-30
U.S. Preparing Options for Aiding Syrian Opposition 2011-December-29
Minding the Gaps: Territorial Issues in Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking 2011-December-26
Israel Is Wide Awake as Decision Time Approaches on Nuclear Iran2011-December-22
Bashar Assad in the Balance 2011-December-16
Iran's Threat to Blockade the Strait of Hormuz2011-December-16
Where Did Nick Kristof Get the Idea that the Muslim Brotherhood Is Moderate? 2011-December-15
Dennis Ross: Still Time to Prevent Iran's Nuclear Program 2011-December-14
Saudi Arabia's Security Meeting with Iran 2011-December-14
Only Threat of Military Action Will Stop Iran2011-November-23
Building on the Opportunity of the IAEA Report on Iran2011-November-16
Obama, Erdogan Find Shared Interests 2011-November-15
Tensions Grow between Egypt's Military Leaders and the Muslim Brotherhood2011-November-10
Iran's Nuclear Program: "Credible" Evidence of "Continuing" Work on a Bomb2011-November-09

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