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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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Beyond Words: Causes, Consequences, and Cures for Palestinian Authority Hate Speech 2013-September-20
Elite Syrian Unit Scatters Chemical Arms Stockpile2013-September-13
Assad Has All the Time in the World to Hide His Chemical Weapons 2013-September-13
Syrian Measures to Mitigate the Effects of a U.S. Strike 2013-September-10
Significant Regime Defection in Syria 2013-September-09
Syria Creates a Russian Safe Zone, Civilian Danger Zones2013-September-04
Linking Targets to Political Objectives in Syria2013-September-03
Striking Syria: Lessons from the Israeli Experience 2013-September-02
If Bombs Hit Damascus, Israel Looks to Tehran 2013-August-29
Bombing Syria: What's the Goal?2013-August-27
Taking Punitive Military Action Against the Syrian Regime2013-August-27
In Egypt, U.S. Is Better Off Doing Nothing2013-August-23
The Islamic Insurgency that Could Soon Hit Egypt2013-August-20
The Truth about Egypt2013-August-19
To Get an Israeli-Palestinian Agreement, U.S. Needs to Re-engage in the Mideast 2013-August-14
Former IDF Intelligence Chief: U.S. Coming Around on Iran Strike2013-August-07
Signs that Hamas Is Losing Its Grip on Gaza 2013-August-02
Iranian Presence in the Western Hemisphere2013-August-02
Europe's Moment of Decision on Hizbullah2013-July-25
The Value of Mideast "Talks about Talks"2013-July-25
Beware of Hizbullah in New York 2013-July-19
Momentum Shifts in Syria, Bolstering Assad's Position 2013-July-18
Key Christian Party in Lebanon Ends Alliance with Hizbullah 2013-July-17
Why the Brotherhood Won't Back Down2013-July-12
Egypt's Chaos and Its Implications for Israel2013-July-10
How Morsi Came Undone2013-July-09
Democracy in Egypt Needs More than an Election 2013-July-09
After Morsi's Ouster2013-July-04
Not by Sanctions Alone: Using Military and Other Means to Bolster Nuclear Diplomacy with Iran2013-July-02
Egypt Will Erupt Again on June 30 2013-June-28
Iran's Foreign Legion: Iraqi Shiite Militias in Syria2013-June-28
Talk to Iran's New President - Warily 2013-June-26
How the U.S. Gains from the Israel Alliance2013-June-24
Iranian Actions Speak Louder than Election Results 2013-June-21
Israel's Security Policy in a Changing Middle East 2013-June-19
Palestinians Need Tough Talk from Europe2013-June-17
Egypt's NGO Convictions Demand an Assertive Response 2013-June-05
Tests Ahead for New Palestinian Prime Minister 2013-June-05
Hizbullah's Declaration of War in Syria: Military Implications2013-May-31
Iranian Support for Terrorism and Violations of Human Rights2013-May-31
Will International Peacekeepers in the Sinai Be the Next Casualty?2013-May-29
Iran's Nuclear Games Demand a Tougher U.S. Approach2013-May-28
Hizbullah Commits to an All-Out Fight to Save Assad2013-May-27
Iran and the Arab World2013-May-22
Pressure of War Is Causing Syria to Break Apart2013-May-17
The Muslim Brotherhood's Empty Chair2013-May-14
Condemn the Iranian Government for Limiting Who Can Run for President2013-May-09
Israel Targeted Iranian Missiles in Syria Attack2013-May-06
Stalled Arab Peace Initiative Reaffirmed2013-May-03
Investigating Chemical Weapons Use in Syria2013-April-30

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