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U.S. State Department

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U.S. Officials Warn of Potential Hizbullah Threat to U.S. Homeland2017-October-11
The Iranian Regime Has Built and Bankrolled Hizbullah 2017-October-11
U.S. Approves $15 Billion Thaad Missile Defense Package for Saudi Arabia2017-October-09
Modern Islamic Warfare 2017-October-06
Trump's Envoy Was Not Wrong on Israeli Settlements2017-October-04
Videa: The Discovery and Rescue of Iraqi Jews' Patrimony in Baghdad. Will It Now Be Lost2017-September-29
Trump Administration Backs Taylor Force Act to End PA Payments to Terrorists2017-September-15
U.S. to Return Jewish Artifacts to Iraq, Despite Protests2017-September-11
U.S.: We Are Not Going to Specify the Solution for Israeli-Palestinian Talks2017-August-24
U.S. Holds Up Military Aid to Egypt over Human Rights Concerns2017-August-23
Russia Re-examines Relationship with Iran2017-August-15
U.S.: No Safe Havens Left for ISIS in Syria or Iraq2017-August-11
To Secure Peace, Palestinians Must Accept Jewish History2017-August-08
Taylor Force Act Passes Senate Committee with Bipartisan Support2017-August-04
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Strengthens Taylor Force Act in Advance of Vote2017-August-02
U.S. Says Iran Rocket Launch Breaches UN Resolution2017-July-28
State Department Report Whitewashes Palestinian Incitement 2017-July-27
New U.S. Report Blasts Iran as "Leading Sponsor" of Terrorism 2017-July-20
U.S. Announces New Iran-Related Sanctions2017-July-19
Syrian Ceasefire Makes Israel Nervous2017-July-18
Sarin Use Confirmed in Deadly April Attack in Syria2017-June-30
U.S. Has Seen Chemical Weapons Activity in Syria, Pentagon Says2017-June-28
ISIS Setting Up Support Networks to Move Terrorists to Europe, Asia2017-June-23
McMaster Urges Contemporary Lessons from Israel's "Seized Initiative" in 1967 Six-Day War2017-June-13
Is Iran Mass Producing Advanced Gas Centrifuge Components?2017-June-01
U.S. Policy on Recognizing Israel's Capital 2017-May-19
Why ISIS Is Bullet-Proof2017-May-19
U.S.: "Iran's Activities in Syria Have Only Contributed to the Violence"2017-May-05
Turkey Kills 20 U.S.-Backed Kurdish Fighters in Syria 2017-April-27
U.S. Gesture to Iran Undermined Its Own Counterproliferation Efforts 2017-April-25
The U.S. Human Rights Report Travesty2017-March-21
Trump's Middle East Diplomacy Is Complicated by Palestinian Terror Incitement2017-March-13
Iran Poses the Most Significant Threat to U.S. Central Command2017-March-10
UN Ambassador Nikki Haley: We Will Never Repeat the Terrible Mistake of Resolution 2334 Condemning Israel2017-February-21
Mideast Rules for the New U.S. Administration 2017-February-14
U.S. Uses Guerrilla Marketing to Peel Off Potential ISIS Recruits2017-February-07
Anti-Semitism and Freedom of Speech on College Campuses 2017-January-27
U.S. Considering Safe Zones for Refugees Inside Syria2017-January-26
U.S. Bombs ISIS Camps in Libya, 80 Killed2017-January-20
Islamic State Steps Up Oil and Gas Sales to Assad Regime2017-January-20
U.S. Should Isolate Iran Immediately2017-January-20
State Department: Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem Is Not a Good Idea2017-January-05
On Israel, a Resolution to Repudiate2017-January-02
Israelis Were Wary of Post-Election "Kill Zone"2016-December-26
Saudis Bankroll Taliban in Afghanistan2016-December-08
How Trump Should Renegotiate the Iran Deal2016-December-08
Avoiding Mistakes in Middle East Peacemaking2016-December-06
Anti-Semitism Awareness Bill Passes Senate 2016-December-06
U.S. Officials: Obama Leans Against Last-Minute Action on Israel2016-December-01
How the U.S. Targeted ISIS' Second-in-Command 2016-November-29

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