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U.S. State Department

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U.S. Admits Arafat Murdered American Officials2006-December-28
Hamas Rejects U.S. Plan for State with Temporary Borders2006-December-27
Iraq Study Group Report Flunks Realism 1012006-December-15
The Big Lie About the Middle East: Arab Nations Don't Care about the Palestinians 2006-December-12
Possible Takeover of Lebanon by Syria Supporters Is Bad for Israel2006-December-04
Israel's New Ambassador to U.S. Says Israelis Still Hope for Peace, But Rockets Must Stop2006-November-29
U.S. Confident of UN Sanctions Against Iran2006-October-27
U.S.: Hizballah Remains a Threat, Is Raising Funds in U.S.2006-September-29
U.S. Tells Abbas Aides It Won't Abandon Quartet Demands of PA2006-September-18
U.S.: Embargo on Weapons to Hizballah a Top Priority 2006-September-14
U.S. Moves to Isolate Iranian Banks2006-September-11
Bomb Tehran Today or Be Bombed Tomorrow?2006-September-07
Khatami Arrives as U.S. Weighs Sanctions on Iran 2006-September-05
U.S. Warns Syria to Observe Arms Embargo 2006-August-25
State Department Opens Inquiry into Israeli Use of U.S. Bombs2006-August-25
State Department: "We Don't Make Concessions to Terrorists"2006-August-24
Why America Wants Hizballah Beaten Even More Than Israel Does2006-August-15
Rice: "Lebanese Government Has an Obligation to Start the Disarmament of Hizballah"2006-August-14
Hizballah, Iran, and Syria - Not Israel - Are Flouting International Law 2006-August-08
Israel to Suspend Air Attacks for Two Days after Strike in Lebanese Village2006-July-31
If Peace Comes, Just Who'll Go In to Keep It?2006-July-26
Israel Is Within Its Rights2006-July-26
Rice, in Israel, Seeks Enduring Peace, Not Temporary Solutions2006-July-25
U.S. at Odds with Europe and UN on Lebanon Cease-Fire2006-July-20
Gaza Abduction Highlights U.S.-Syria Tension2006-July-12
U.S. Agrees to Stipends for Poorest Palestinians2006-June-19
Abbas' Comeback Plan Is a Dead End2006-June-14
U.S. Urges Financial Sanctions on Iran2006-May-29
Administration Asks Congress to Revise Anti-Hamas Bill2006-May-11
U.S. Says Hamas Itself to Blame for Palestinian Financial Crisis 2006-May-05
Funding Alternatives to Hamas2006-May-05
Pressed by U.S., European Banks Limit Iran Deals 2006-April-22
PA to "Guide the Resistance"2006-April-21
Qatar Pledges $50 Million to Palestinians2006-April-18
Tehran Hosts Conference in Support of Palestinians 2006-April-17
U.S. Pulling or Suspending $411M in Palestinian Projects2006-April-10
U.S. Envoy Says Hamas Still a Terrorist Organization2006-March-31
U.S. Bans Contacts with Hamas-Led Government2006-March-30
Israel Biggest Mideast Investor in U.S.2006-March-23
Lobbyists' Trial Could Embarrass Top U.S. Envoy2006-March-21
Pull the Plug on UNRWA2006-March-17
U.S.: Hamas Government Must Recognize Israel, Maintain Existing Agreements2006-March-15
U.S. Denies Coordination with Israel2006-March-14
State Department Concerned by Human Rights Situation in Iran, Syria2006-March-09
U.S. Urges UAE to End Boycott of Israel 2006-March-02
Israel: U.S. Money May Fund Terror 2006-February-27
Rice Talks Tough on Iran2006-February-17
Former Justice Department Official Backs Lobbyists in Leak Case2006-February-17
U.S. and Israel Deny Plans to Drive Hamas from Power2006-February-14
U.S. Says Russia Must Stand Firm on Hamas 2006-February-10

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