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U.S. State Department

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Iranian Suspected of Smuggling Weapons Jailed in U.S.2009-March-18
Top Officials Urge U.S. Dialogue with Hamas2009-March-16
Modest Hopes for Direct Diplomacy with Iran and Syria 2009-March-09
U.S. Sends Senior Officials to Syria to Revive Relations2009-March-04
Clinton "Troubled" by Continued Rocket Attacks on Israel2009-March-03
Clinton Says U.S. Diplomacy Unlikely to End Iran Nuclear Program2009-March-03
U.S. to Boycott "Durban II" UN Racism Conference2009-March-02
$300M in U.S. Aid to Gaza to Have Strict Limits2009-March-02
Clinton: Too Soon to Say Whether U.S.-Syria Ties Will Thaw2009-February-27
U.S. Rights Report Names and Shames Mideast States 2009-February-27
Judge's Opinion Could Spell End of AIPAC Case 2009-February-24
U.S. Reaches Out to Jewish Leaders on "Durban II" 2009-February-18
U.S. Commerce Department Waives Syria Sanctions2009-February-16
An Opening to Iran? They've Sold Us This Rug Before2009-February-10
U.S. to Foil Arab Bid for Security Council Cease-Fire Resolution for Gaza 2009-January-06
International Community Giving Israel Time to Weaken Hamas 2009-January-04
U.S.: Gaza Cease-Fire Can't Be One-Sided2008-December-31
U.S. to Israel: Strengthen the Lebanese Government, Withdraw from Border Village2008-December-24
Hamas Declares End to Cease-Fire2008-December-19
U.S., IAEA Chief Clash Over Nuclear Aid to Syria2008-November-25
Obama Should Support Democratic Dissidents from Repressive Countries2008-November-25
Palestinian Civil War Casts Shadow Over Peace Talks2008-November-24
Forgotten in Libya's Dungeons 2008-November-21
Iran, the Taliban, and Saudi Arabia2008-November-12
Iran's Latin America Push 2008-November-11
Petraeus Proposed Visiting Syria, Bush Administration Said No 2008-October-31
New Approaches to Halt Iran's Nuclear Program2008-October-29
U.S. Officials Fear Islamic Terrorist Links with Drug Lords2008-October-13
U.S.-Syria Talks May Be Step toward Thaw2008-October-02
Does Hijacked Iranian Ship Contain Chemical Weapons? 2008-September-25
Israel: Jerusalem Not on Negotiating Table 2008-September-12
U.S. Court Rules Against Man Who Helped Liquidate Polish Jews During Holocaust 2008-September-12
The Moral and Political Cost of Libya's Rehabilitation 2008-September-12
U.S. Denies Involvement in Israeli-Syrian Peace Talks 2008-September-08
Rice to Visit Libya, First Such U.S. Trip in 55 Years 2008-September-03
Israel Denies Report It Will Cede Ghajar on Lebanese Border 2008-September-03
U.S. Refuses to Follow France's Lead and Talk with Syria 2008-August-29
U.S. Man Arrested for Hamas Fundraising2008-August-22
U.S. Warns Turkey over Energy Deal with Iran 2008-August-15
Rice: U.S. Doesn't Say Yes or No to Israeli Military Operations2008-August-08
U.S. Revokes Visas of Gaza Fulbright Scholars2008-August-05
U.S., Israel Discuss Diplomatic Push on Iran 2008-August-01
Iran Again Rejects Nuclear Deadline 2008-August-01
Rice Says Talks with Israel, Palestinians Fruitful 2008-July-31
U.S. Is Largest Donor to Palestinian Authority 2008-July-30
State Department Intervening Repeatedly with Israel on Minor Palestinian Issues 2008-July-22
U.S. Gives Iran Two Weeks to Think Again on Enrichment 2008-July-21
U.S. Envoy to Join Meeting with Iranian on Nuclear Program 2008-July-16
U.S. Taxpayers Fund Grants for "Palestinian Studies" 2008-July-14
Strengthening the Partnership: How to Deepen U.S.-Israel Cooperation on the Iranian Nuclear Challenge 2008-July-08

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