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Shlomo Avineri

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What Palestinians Mean When They Talk about a "Two-State Solution" 2018-September-06
The Uncompromising Palestinians 2017-December-14
Arab Failures, Kurdish Achievements Might Fix History's Injustices2016-May-05
Israelis and Palestinians: A Fundamental Difference in Outlook2015-October-02
The Palestinians Do Not Recognize the Jews' Right to a State2014-July-18
An Indisputable Historical Fact: Decisions by Palestinian Leadership Led to "Nakba"2014-May-08
As Mideast Hopes Dim, Some Urge Scaling Back of Lofty Goals2014-April-08
Don't Expect Abbas to Sign Anything 2014-February-18
Iran Deal Another Russian Diplomatic Victory over the U.S.2013-December-05
The Peace Process After the Israeli Election 2013-January-30
Striving for an Illusion-Free Middle East Peace2013-January-14
Arab Spring No Guarantee of Middle East Democracy2012-May-17
Karl Marx and the Jews of Jerusalem2012-May-08
Ignoring Ahmadinejad's Calls for Jewish Genocide Is a Grave Mistake2012-January-27
EU Should Ban Ahmadinejad over Holocaust Denial2012-January-06
What the Palestinians Teach Their Children 2011-December-20
Spring, But Not European-Style2011-December-16
Neighbors Warily Eye a More Muscular Turkey2011-November-04
Quartet on Mission Impossible in Mideast Logjam2011-October-28
We Are a People, a Response to Sari Nusseibeh 2011-October-21
UN Speeches Highlight Depths of Israeli-Palestinian Divide2011-October-05
Israel's Rights as a Nation-State in International Diplomacy 2011-September-19
As Israel-Turkey Alliance Disintegrates, Analysts Worry2011-September-07
The Demise of Postcolonial Frameworks in the Arab World 2011-July-22
Truth, Not Narrative2011-June-17
The Future of the Arab Uprisings is Looking Grim2011-May-20
The Arabs Should Take a Good Hard Look in the Mirror2011-May-11
Revolution and Oppression in the Arab World2011-May-06
No Overnight Miracles 2011-February-11
Examining the Options for Mideast Peace2010-December-20
What WikiLeaks Reveal about Obama's Middle East Policy 2010-December-10
A Palestinian People, Yes; A Jewish People, No?2010-August-13
The Arab Position on the Holocaust2010-April-12
What the U.S. Can and Can't Do in the Middle East2010-February-26
Why Is Palestinian Recognition of Israel as a Jewish State Important?2009-August-20
The Vatican, the Jews, and the Palestinians2009-May-11
Abbas Rejects Calling Israel a Jewish State2009-April-28
Building a Palestinian State from the Bottom Up2009-April-16
What to Speak with Hamas About2009-April-06
Democracy, Solidarity, Sovereignty and Tolerance 2008-October-31
The Russian Giant Returns2008-August-15
Lessons of the Hizbullah Prisoner Swap 2008-July-17
Israeli Doubts over Syria Peace2008-July-15
From "Conflict Resolution" to "Conflict Management"2008-July-04
Cutting Out the Middleman 2008-May-30
Don't Depend on Outsiders for a Settlement of Mideast Dispute 2008-May-20
The Real Nakba2008-May-09
The Liberating Power of Nationalism 2008-February-22
"Under God's Sovereignty" Is Not a Solution 2007-September-12
Palestinians Lacking a Coherent Body Politic2007-July-18

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