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Mordechai Kedar

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Israel Shifts to Standoff Weapons in Syria as Russia Restricts Its Freedom of Action2021-July-29
Can Saudi Arabia Defend Itself Against Iran? 2021-March-18
The U.S. Confers Legitimacy on Hamas2021-March-08
The Truth about Financial Aid to the Palestinian Authority2021-February-18
Is Israel in Secret Contact with Syria?2021-February-01
The New Arab World: No Longer United Against Israel 2020-October-22
Why Other Arabs Resent Palestinians2020-September-24
What Really Happened at the Port of Beirut?2020-August-10
Coronavirus and the Middle East 2020-May-28
Turkey vs. Syria: A Culture of Enmity2020-April-03
Why Hamas Will Never Give In to the Jews2018-March-29
Assad Government Returns to Israel's Golan Border2017-December-27
Why the International Community Should Follow Trump's Lead on Jerusalem2017-December-20
The Betrayal of Kurdistan Is a Warning Sign for Israel2017-November-24
The Future of ISIS: Some Things Cannot Be Killed2017-October-26
After the Ebbing of Warfare in Syria, the Refugee Problem in Europe Will Only Get Worse2017-September-12
Expert: Understanding Islamic Culture Is Key to Preventing Further Violence at Temple Mount2017-July-19
Why We Keep Getting the Middle East Wrong2014-October-29
The Bedouin Problem and the Solution2013-December-13
Who Killed Hizbullah's Chief Military Procurement Officer? 2013-December-05
No One in Israel Would Prefer Assad to Jihadists2013-October-17
Israeli Expert: Islamist Group, Not Free Syrian Army, Blew Up Assad's Inner Circle2012-July-24
Palestinians Share the Political Culture of the Middle East2012-April-17
Jordan Group Translates Babylonian Talmud to Arabic2012-March-30
Why Do They Hate Us?2011-September-12
Confrontation along Israel's Borders: New Realities and a New Challenge2011-May-19
Hamas and Fatah: A Temporary Marriage of Convenience 2011-May-13
Experts: Bloodbath Could Follow Overthrow of Assad in Syria 2011-April-21
A Theatrical Reminder2011-April-08
Redrawing Borders in the Middle East2011-April-01
Riots in Syria 2011-March-30
Some in Israel Warn Against Google Street View2011-February-24
Israeli Muslims Grow Extreme as Others Secularize 2010-November-26
Why the Washington Process Can't Succeed 2010-October-22
Video: Our Man on Al Jazeera2010-August-24
Why Palestinians Don't Want Direct Talks to Succeed2010-August-24
A War for the World's Future2010-May-31
A Jewish Obligation to Live in Jerusalem 2009-August-07
Why the Islamic World Won't Recognize a Jewish State 2009-July-31
Turkish Army Unhappy over Drill with Syria2009-April-28
The Role of Radical Islamic Groups in Israel: Implications for Israeli-Arab Coexistence 2009-March-20
Peace Possible Only If Israel Stays Strong2009-March-06
Don't Count on Egypt to Curb Arms Smuggling2009-January-19
The Myth of al-Aqsa: The Holiness of Jerusalem to Islam Has Always Been Politically Motivated 2008-September-15
The Iranian Dilemma: Preventing Iran from Acquiring Nuclear Capabilities2007-April-04
The Illusion of "Peace in Exchange for Territories"2007-February-19
Rival "Fiefdoms" Eclipsing Dream of Palestinian State2006-October-12
Opening of Second Front Leaves Israelis Both Fearful and Defiant2006-July-14
Idea of Truce Drives Wedge Between Militants 2005-March-15
Peace Activists Rip Arafat Legacy 2004-November-19

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