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Michael Totten

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Turkey Is Threatening the Only Competent Pro-Western Militia in Syria2018-January-30
Iran's Protests Reveal the Truth about Hassan Rouhani2018-January-19
Hizbullah Consolidates Its Stranglehold over Lebanon2017-November-10
The Kurds Are the Largest Stateless People on Earth2017-October-13
Assad Still Must Go 2017-June-23
Advice for the Next President: Reward Your Friends and Punish Your Enemies2016-November-08
The Cold Arab-Israeli Alliance Against Iran2016-April-26
The Forward's Dispatch from Iran2015-August-14
The Saudis Team Up with Israel2015-June-12
Iran's Goal is Middle Eastern Hegemony 2015-April-09
Israel Cannot Ignore the Iranian Threat 2014-June-24
Egypt as Hostile as Ever toward U.S.2013-November-07
Hizbullah Sleeper Cells in America 2013-October-10
Beware Persian Leaders with Masks 2013-October-01
Mission Impossible in Syria2013-September-18
The Truth about Egypt2013-August-19
Hizbullah Plays the Israel Card2013-August-05
Getting the Muslim Brotherhood Wrong 2013-July-11
Dreaming of a Lebanon at Peace with Its Neighbors2013-July-05
The Syrianization of Lebanon2013-May-28
Why the Syrian War Could Last Ten Years2013-May-17
The Muslim Brotherhood's Empty Chair2013-May-14
The Beginning of the End for Hizbullah2013-April-26
Free Syrian Army vs. Jihadists 2013-March-14
The Grand Universal Illusion2013-February-18
The Islamist Threat Isn't Going Away 2012-October-26
The Israeli Who Sneaked into Syria 2012-October-15
The Terrorists' Veto 2012-September-25
A Raw Salafist Power Play2012-September-21
Like it or Not, Jerusalem Is Israel's Capital2012-July-27
Women: Beware of Egypt2012-June-15
Israel Builds a Wall in the North2012-May-03
Why Syria Is Still a War Zone 2012-April-19
AIPAC's Victory2012-March-09
The Saudis Will Want the Bomb, Too2012-February-14
Tunisia's "Moderate" Islamists? 2011-October-28
The Muslim Brotherhood's Discontents2011-August-17
7,000 Years of Oppression 2011-August-05
Hanging with the Muslim Brotherhood2011-July-15
What about American Hearts and Minds?2011-March-17
The Israeli Way of War2011-January-14
The Myth of Jewish-Only Roads2010-December-07
How Israelis Secure Airports2010-November-19
About that Settlement Freeze 2010-September-17
Video: Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone2010-August-13
Israelis Don't Appreciate the Politics of Gestures2010-August-12
The Kindness of Israelis2010-July-30
There Are No Moderates Within Hizbullah2010-May-21
Iran and Allies Arming for War2010-April-15
Iran's Leaders Believe Islam Will Conquer the World 2010-April-07

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