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Melanie Phillips

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Zionism and Bigotry 2012-June-01
The Future of Hebron's Jewish Past2011-December-09
Blaming the Victim2011-November-14
A "Prisoner Exchange"? 2011-October-21
Truth and Lies at the Theater of the Absurd2011-September-28
Is Cameron about to Vote for a Unilateral Palestinian State? 2011-September-15
The Flotilla: Solidarity with Genocidal Fanatics in Gaza 2011-July-05
The Floating Theater of the Jihad 2011-June-03
Richard Goldstone Recants2011-April-05
Video: What Israel Should Be Saying to the World2011-March-28
British Columnist Melanie Phillips Being Investigated by Police for Referring to Arab "Savages" Who Murdered Jewish Family 2011-March-24
With Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemies?2011-February-09
Video: The Battleground of the Mind 2011-January-12
The Silencing of Professor Alderman2010-October-20
Israel's Defenders Need to Attack2010-October-15
Home Truths and One Illusion 2010-October-07
Arab Intransigence, Not Settlements, Block Peace2010-September-03
Peace Convoy? This Was an Islamist Terror Ambush 2010-June-01
The Treatment of Israel Is Unique in Its Irrationality 2010-May-21
Throwing Israel Under the Bus 2010-March-25
Jihad in Nigeria2010-March-10
British Anti-Semitism Returns - with a Vengeance2009-December-25
The Moral Inversion of the Goldstone Report 2009-September-17
British MPs Display Their Famed Grasp of Logic and Principle2009-July-31
Are Islamists Really Motivated by the Palestinian Issue? 2009-May-22
Britain Giving Up Against Global Jihad 2009-January-23
The Moral Battleground 2009-January-04
On the Other Side from Civilization 2009-January-01
International Law and the Disputed Territories 2008-November-21
Palestinian Refugees from Whom?2008-August-04
A Milestone Victory 2008-May-22
The Future of Israel Is the Future of the West2008-May-02
The Club of Tyranny's Falked Tongue 2008-April-10
The War Against the Jews2008-April-04
The BBC's Arabic Service2008-March-28
The Mother of All Mistranslations2008-March-03
Hizbullah Planned Attacks in Rome, Paris: French Police Suggest 2008-February-22
Islamists See Capture of Jerusalem as Precursor to the Fall of the West2008-January-14
How Iran Is Laughing2007-December-07
French Court Screens Al-Durah Video Footage2007-November-15
The Kosher Conspiracy2007-November-02
The Lethal Illusion 2007-November-01
Engaged to Hamas 2007-September-17
Britain's War Against . . . Well, You Know2007-July-11
The War Against Israel2007-May-25
Report: "I Found Saddam's WMD Bunkers" 2007-April-23
The Media War Against Israel 2006-September-01
The War Against Israel 2006-July-28
The Big (and Never-Ending) Lie 2006-June-14
The Graves of Academe 2006-March-24

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