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Khaled Abu Toameh

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Palestinians: Fatah's Armed Gangs Are Back 2013-January-17
Facebook Closes Account of Journalist Who Posted Articles on PA Corruption2013-January-16
Fatah Militants Demand Probe into Arrests by PA2013-January-11
Palestinian Irresponsibility2013-January-07
PA Nabs Members of Group that Declared Intifada2013-January-07
The Palestinian Authority's Inconvenient Truths2013-January-03
Senior Hamas Leader Calls to Renew Suicide Bombings Against Israel 2012-December-26
What Is Behind Salam Fayyad's Call for an "Economic Intifada"?2012-December-21
Palestinians: The Third Intifada Has Begun2012-December-19
Hamas Shows Strength at West Bank Rally 2012-December-14
Radical and Moderate Palestinians2012-December-13
IDF Arrests Two PA Intelligence Officers in Hebron2012-December-11
What the UN Brought: Palestinians Now Headed toward Confrontation with Israel2012-December-07
Hamas Tells Fatah: Let's Fight Israel Together2012-December-05
Hamas: "Victory" Paves Way for "Liberating Palestine" 2012-November-22
Arabs in Jerusalem and the West Bank Celebrate Gaza Rocket Fire2012-November-20
Hamas Trying to Restore Shattered Morale2012-November-16
Fatah: Oslo Accords Will Cease to Exist after UN Bid2012-November-09
Abbas' Pandora Box 2012-November-05
PLO Leader Calls for "Return" of West Bank to Jordan2012-November-01
Palestinian Elections: Which Fatah Won?2012-October-31
Why Hamas Feels Confident Enough to Fire Rockets at Israel2012-October-25
Arab Lawyers Union Honors Palestinian Suicide Bomber2012-October-15
Egypt Grants Citizenship to 50,000 Palestinians 2012-October-12
Abbas' Plan to Steal Local Elections 2012-October-11
Abbas Ready to Resume Talks with Israel after UN Status Upgrade2012-October-10
Fatah Reaffirms Option of Armed Struggle Against Israel2012-October-09
Palestinians Cancel Bethlehem Walk Over Participation of Israelis 2012-October-03
After Abbas: The End of the PLO's Old-Guard Monopoly 2012-October-03
Gazans Protest Egypt's Demolition of Smuggling Tunnels 2012-October-02
The Palestinian Authority's Policy of Duplicity 2012-October-02
Abbas Condemns Israel at UN2012-September-28
Palestinians Call for Protests to End Oslo Accords 2012-September-13
Palestinians in West Bank Economic Protests, 50 Injured2012-September-11
Israel: No Review of PA Economic Accords without Political Progress2012-September-10
West Bank Palestinians Protest Cost of Living2012-September-05
Netanyahu: Tehran Summit a Disgrace to Humanity2012-August-30
The Order for Beatings Came from Abbas' Office 2012-August-30
How Many Millionaires Live in the "Impoverished" Gaza Strip? 2012-August-30
Hamas Helps Egypt Hunt for Sinai Terrorists2012-August-17
Will the West Bank Become the Next Islamic Emirate?2012-August-17
The Short-Lived Morsi-Hamas Honeymoon2012-August-08
Abbas Cancels Statehood Parley over Travel Ban2012-August-06
Why Abbas Wants to Go Back to the UN in September2012-August-03
PA Thanks IOC for Refusing Munich Victims Memorial 2012-July-27
300 Palestinians Killed in Syria Violence2012-July-20
Who Will Save the Christians in Gaza?2012-July-20
Palestinian Journalists Call to Boycott Meeting with Israeli President Peres 2012-July-18
Report: PA Official Commits Suicide over Collaboration Charge2012-July-16
Why Abbas Will Never Make Peace with Israel 2012-July-12

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