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Khaled Abu Toameh

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A Guide to the Palestinian Lexicon2016-August-05
ISIS Comes to Gaza2016-July-12
Can the Palestinians Hold Free and Fair Elections?2016-July-08
The Palestinian Authority's Crackdown on Journalists2016-June-29
"Selling a House to a Jew Is a Betrayal of Allah" 2016-June-22
Anarchy Returns to the West Bank2016-June-17
International Community Ignores Unrest Inside Fatah2016-June-10
Who Will Succeed Mahmoud Abbas and Does It Really Matter?2016-May-20
Palestinians: We Will Not Accept a Jewish Israel2016-April-19
Hamas Preachers Exorcise Demons from Children in Gaza School2016-April-15
Palestinian Faction in Gaza Burns Pictures of Abbas2016-April-13
PA Denies Pushing for UN Resolution in April 2016-April-11
Palestinian Christians Bitter over Destruction of Church Ruins in Gaza2016-April-07
Hamas Sentences Two Palestinians for Spying for PA 2016-March-25
Poll: 56 Percent of Palestinians Support Attacks2016-March-16
Abbas Ignores Biden's Call to Condemn Terrorist Attacks 2016-March-10
Palestinian Teachers Blowing the Whistle on PA Corruption2016-March-08
Young Palestinians Believe Israel Can Be Defeated with Knives2016-February-26
Do Palestinian Leaders Believe Their Own Rhetoric? 2016-February-19
Betraying Israel's Arabs2016-February-12
Hamas Delegation Visits Iran 2016-February-11
Iran's Newest Palestinian Proxy2016-February-11
Palestinians: Western Media's Ignorance and Bias2016-January-26
Israel Reclassifies 380 Acres of Jordan Valley Land It Has Farmed for Decades2016-January-22
IDF Officer Stabbed in West Bank Thursday; Ya'alon: Palestinian Violence Is Waning2016-January-15
The Palestinian Authority and Hamas Are Torturing Palestinians 2016-January-11
Palestinian Leaders Promise a New Year of Violence and Death2016-January-06
Netanyahu Links Palestinian Building in Area C to Recognition of Israeli Settlement Blocs2015-November-25
Palestinian Father: "Martyred" Daughter Asked Me about the Best Knives in the House2015-November-23
Israel, Palestinians Sign Agreement on High-Speed Internet2015-November-20
Why Palestinians Do Not Want Cameras on the Temple Mount2015-November-04
Iran's New Palestinian Terror Group Has Missiles that Can Reach Tel Aviv 2015-October-29
Jordanians Slam Palestinian Authority for Rejecting Security Cameras at Temple Mount2015-October-28
Israel Welcomes French Proposal for Netanyahu-Abbas Meeting2015-October-28
Israeli Soldier Wounded in West Bank Stabbing, Palestinian Assailants Killed2015-October-28
Fatah Leaders "Salute" Palestinians for Rising to Defend Al-Aqsa Mosque2015-October-08
PA Waging Unprecedented Campaign of Incitement Against Israel2015-October-08
Fatah Gunmen Reappear in West Bank2015-October-06
Abbas' Empty Bombshell2015-October-01
Egypt's War on Terrorism 2015-September-25
Abbas: Israelis Have No Right to Desecrate Our Holy Sites with Their Filthy Feet 2015-September-17
Jerusalem Yawns at PA Threat to Tear Up Oslo Accords2015-September-08
Palestinians Flock to Islamic State2015-August-26
What Are Palestinians Doing with U.S. Money?2015-August-21
The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians in Arab Countries2015-August-14
Abbas to Visit Iran in November2015-August-12
Palestinian Authority Seeks to Strengthen Ties with Iran2015-August-10
Palestinian Religious Leaders Call to Ban Jews from Temple Mount2015-August-06
Islamic State Gaining Recruits in Gaza2015-August-04
A Rare Palestinian Voice of Sanity2015-July-31

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