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Jonathan Tobin

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Abbas to Pay Released Murderers' Pensions with U.S. Aid Money2011-October-24
Will the World Ask Why Palestinians Celebrate Murder?2011-October-18
Israel Had No Choice But to Save Shalit2011-October-12
Syria, Kurds and Palestinians2011-October-10
Even the Most Moderate Palestinian Won't Accept a Jewish State2011-October-05
Panetta's Pointless Warning to Israel2011-October-04
Administration Refights the Battle of Gilo2011-September-28
No Moral Equivalence Between Abbas and Netanyahu 2011-September-26
Raising the Stakes on Jerusalem2011-August-16
Abbas' Vision of an Ethnically Cleansed Palestinian State2011-August-15
Time to Call the Palestinians' UN Bluff 2011-August-12
The West Bank Is Not Stolen Property2011-July-27
The Most Foolish Story about Israel Ever Published in the New York Times2011-July-22
Digging for Jerusalem's Jewish Roots2011-June-22
Hammering Israel on the 1967 Lines2011-June-13
A Symbol of Obama's Hostility to a United Jerusalem2011-June-06
Who Made the "Hard Choices" on Peace?2011-May-26
Palestinians Get Donor "Birth Certificate"2011-April-21
America Can Stop the Palestinian Squeeze Play at the UN2011-April-05
Syrian Unrest Threatens Mythical Peace Process2011-March-29
Assessing the Post-Veto Fallout 2011-February-21
Toppled Palestinian "Landmark" Symbolized Hate 2011-January-11
Mitchell's Back 2010-December-16
Zionists and Settlers2010-December-13
Obama's Settlement Freeze Fold Is Blow to President, Not to Peace 2010-December-08
Israel's Critics Are Afraid of Democracy 2010-November-24
Netanyahu Chooses the Lesser of Two Evils2010-November-16
Is Obama's "Charm Offensive" Over for Israel? 2010-November-10
Mideast Game Continues 2010-September-17
Ignoring the Obvious about Abbas 2010-August-12
Breaking the Gaza Blockade Dooms Peace Efforts 2010-June-03
No Ordinary Jerusalem Day 2010-May-14
Obama's Diplomatic War on Israel Is Just Getting Started2010-April-09
Even His Most Ardent Jewish Fans Must Be Wondering about Obama's Support for Israel 2010-March-26
Abbas Still Says No to Talks But Everyone Still Blames Netanyahu2009-December-16
More U.S. PR Is Not the Answer2009-August-11
The Importance of Gilad Shalit2009-June-26
Obama's Age of Moral Equivalence 2009-June-05
The Face of Palestinian "Resistance"2009-April-07
Your Tax Dollars at Work in Gaza2008-March-25
American Anti-Israel Politics 2006-April-07
Pull the Plug on UNRWA2006-March-17
The Selling of Israel2005-July-22

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