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Jonathan Tobin

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Full Acceptance of Israel in the Arab World Is Not Here Yet2022-August-15
Boston BDS "Mapping Project" Targets Synagogues and Jewish Schools2022-June-09
Why Has Support for Israel Weakened among Younger Americans?2022-June-02
Who's Really Responsible for Palestinian Suffering?2022-May-26
Anti-Zionism Means Anti-Semitism 2022-April-14
U.S. Ambassador to Israel Is Out of Touch with Reality2022-March-21
The Lessons for Israel from Russia's War on Ukraine2022-March-03
Why the Double Standard on West Bank Violence?2021-December-20
Israeli President Lights a Hanukkah Candle in Hebron2021-December-02
The Self-Defeating Claim that Efforts to Stop Iran's Nuclear Threat Are Counterproductive2021-November-25
Palestinians Refuse Supreme Court Compromise in Jerusalem Property Case2021-November-04
The "Human Rights" Scam at the Heart of the Palestinian NGO Controversy 2021-October-28
BDS Is All about Anti-Semitism2021-October-14
Why Has the Debate about Ben and Jerry's Riveted the Attention of American Jews2021-August-19
Toxic Ideologies Are Conquering American Newsrooms2021-June-24
Participation of Arab Party in New Israeli Government Debunks the "Apartheid State" Lie2021-June-10
Rushing to Rebuild Gaza Will Reward Hamas 2021-May-27
When Hamas Fires Missiles at Israeli Homes, Forget Nuance 2021-May-16
Palestinians Still Act as if Violence Can Make the Jews Go Away 2021-May-11
Key Critic of Israel Nominated to Be Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights2021-May-03
West Bank Facts Cannot Be Ignored 2021-March-04
Will a Palestinian Election Matter?2021-February-25
The International Criminal Court Violates International Law2021-February-18
Resumption of U.S. Aid to the PA Will Be Tricky2021-February-04
What's the Matter with Holocaust Education? 2021-January-28
The Covid Vaccine Blood Libel Against Israel2021-January-07
Can the Palestinians Adjust to Changing Times? 2020-December-31
Morocco's Claim to the Western Sahara2020-December-17
Time to Call Out "Human Rights" Groups for their Anti-Semitism2020-October-29
Why Israel Chose to Aid Ailing PLO Leader 2020-October-22
The Myth of "Jewish Privilege"2020-July-16
Linking the Murder in Minneapolis with Israel's Efforts to Defend Itself Against Palestinian Terror Is a Big Lie2020-June-02
By Refusing to Negotiate, Palestinian Losses Will Continue to Grow2020-May-22
Is It Wrong to Let Israel Make Decisions for Itself? 2020-April-24
This Is Not a Passover for Despair2020-April-08
The Joint Arab List in Israel's Knesset 2020-March-11
Israel's Problems Are Real, But So Is Its Progress2020-March-06
U.S. Peace Plan Critics Shouldn't Encourage Palestinians to Make Another Mistake2020-January-31
Allies' Refusal to Bomb Auschwitz Shows Why a Sovereign Israel Is Necessary 2020-January-23
The Old Foreign-Policy Rulebook Shielded Bad Actors 2020-January-06
ICC Prosecution of Israel Just Another Way for Palestinians to Avoid Peace2019-December-27
If NATO Is Going to Fight Terrorism, It Needs Israel 2019-December-10
Israelis Welcome U.S. Shift on Settlements 2019-November-20
Self-Defense for Everyone but Israel 2019-November-15
A State that Threatens Jewish Genocide Isn't Normal 2019-October-11
Israeli Elections Did Not Determine the Future of the Peace Process2019-September-18
What the HBO Series "Our Boys" Doesn't Want Us to Know 2019-September-06
Mahmoud Abbas' Time-Machine2019-August-15
The Problem with Opposing Israel's "Occupation"2019-July-15
The Real Problem Is the Palestinian Denial of Jewish History2019-July-05

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