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Jeff Jacoby

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The Iran Nuclear Deal Is Dead. Let It Stay that Way 2020-November-26
Our Guest Speaker Today, Class, Is a Jew-Hating Terrorist2020-September-17
Proclaim Liberty: How the Hebrew Bible Molded Revolutionary America 2019-July-12
The Crucial Distinction between Acquiring Territory Through Aggression and Acquiring It Through Lawful Self-Defense2019-March-27
The Palestinians' Real "Nakba"2018-May-25
Muslims Ignored Jerusalem for Centuries 2017-December-13
New U.S. Government Isn't Obsessed with Where Israel's Jews Live 2017-February-09
America's Overriding Interest in the Israel-Palestinian Arena2016-December-22
Chairman of the Palestine Olympic Committee Violates Olympic Rules2016-August-05
The World Is Forgetting the Holocaust2016-May-04
The Case for Israel Is Rooted in More than Security 2015-June-12
The Danger of the Iran Deal2015-April-24
Spat Over Netanyahu's Speech Doesn't Change U.S.-Israel Relations2015-March-02
The Fantasy Middle East2014-March-06
The Myth of the Inevitable Jewish Minority in Israel 2013-June-27
Yes, Europe, Hizbullah Is a Terror Group2013-March-04
A Vast Moral Difference 2012-November-22
After Arab Spring, Dangers Arise 2011-December-08
Palestinians Refused Statehood in the Past Because It's Not Their Real Goal2011-September-22
U.S. Should Encourage the Syrian Uprising 2011-March-30
Massacre of the Innocents 2011-March-16
Lara Logan and Egyptian Liberation2011-February-22
No Room at Table for Muslim Brotherhood2011-February-10
The "Islamophobia" Myth 2010-December-08
The Undeniable Jewish State2010-October-20
The Failure of the Gaza Pullout 2010-August-19
A Counterproductive Tactic for Advancing Peace Negotiations 2010-March-23
Why Are Americans So Pro-Israel?2009-December-11
At Brandeis, Israel's Guilt and Innocence on Display2009-November-09
Jerusalem - One City, Undivided2009-July-22
History's Oldest Hatred2009-March-11
The UN's Obsession with Demonizing Israel2008-December-05
Watching Oprah from Behind the Veil 2008-September-26
"Honor" Killing Comes to the U.S.2008-August-13
Israel's Right to a State2008-May-13
The War on Muslim Women2007-December-24
Is Israel a Jewish State?2007-November-15
Statehood for Palestine? Take a Good Look2007-February-16
Words That Can Kill 2006-December-21
Scenes from the Jihad2006-November-02
What Israeli Security Could Teach Us 2006-August-25
Hizballah Is Our Enemy, Too2006-August-02
Casus Belli2006-April-17
A Nation Like Ours 2006-March-30
America Takes Side of Israel 2006-March-27
When Fear Cows the Media2006-February-21
We Are All Danes Now2006-February-06
Hamas Victory Is Good News 2006-January-30
Don't Go Wobbly on Iran2006-January-26
Questions the Islamic Society of Boston Should Answer2006-January-02

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