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Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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The Long-Term Implications of the Israel-Hamas Clash 2012-November-21
98 Rockets Have Landed Inside Gaza2012-November-19
Hamas Detains Foreign Journalists in Gaza 2012-November-18
Israel Responds to Gaza Rocket Fire2012-November-15
Israel to UN: Syrian Tanks in Prohibited Zone2012-November-07
Norwegian Diplomat Lashes Out at Israel2012-November-07
No Change in the Palestinian Position on the Right of Return2012-November-05
Video: Israel - Seeing Is Believing 2012-October-26
What Egypt's President Has Forgotten2012-October-25
Netanyahu: Sanctions Haven't Yet Rolled Back the Iranian Nuclear Program2012-October-17
Israel at UN: Palestinians' Unilateral Actions Are a Breach of Every Agreement They Signed2012-October-16
Israel: PA Claims Poverty But Pays Stipends to Mass Murderers2012-September-28
Israeli Foreign Ministry: U.S. Ignored Arab Radicalization2012-September-19
Iran's Revolutionary Guards Assisting Assad's Henchmen2012-September-06
Israeli Scientist Diagnoses "Superbugs"2012-August-31
Summary of the Verdict: Estate of Rachel Corrie v. The State of Israel2012-August-29
Sinai, the New Egypt, and the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty2012-August-22
Israel Complains to UN over Iranian Hate Speech and Incitement2012-August-21
The Role of Hamas in the Formation of Global Jihadi Networks in Sinai 2012-August-15
Israel to UN: Iranian Terrorism a Plague that Threatens Innocent People Worldwide2012-July-27
EU Move to Upgrade Relations with Israel2012-July-24
Moment of Truth Approaching in Damascus 2012-July-17
Israel Shocked by UNESCO Chair at Gaza Islamic University2012-July-13
Peres: The Iranian People Are Not Our Enemy (Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs)2012-June-14
Israel: Assad Has No Moral Authority to Govern2012-June-11
Arab Spring No Guarantee of Middle East Democracy2012-May-17
Israeli Archeologists Uncover City from the Time of King David2012-May-09
In Shift, Israeli Leaders Say It Is Time for Syria's Assad to Step Down2012-April-27
Refuting Middle East Myths2012-April-25
Israel and U.S. Sign Agreement to Increase African Food Production 2012-April-23
Free Israeli Cataract Clinics Treat 1,000 Ethiopians 2012-April-20
Jewish Refugees from Arab and Muslim Countries2012-April-06
Manipulation and Deception: The Anti-Israel "BDS" Campaign (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions)2012-March-20
Israel: Fire UN Official Over False Gaza Photo 2012-March-16
The New Egyptian Parliament Takes Aim at the Camp David Accords2012-March-15
Israel to UN: 2012-March-14
Israel Sends Humanitarian Aid to Brazzaville 2012-March-08
Israel Offers to Send Humanitarian Aid to Syrian Civilians2012-March-05
Israeli UN Ambassador: "The Children of Syria Cry Out to Us"2012-February-15
Our Nakba 2012-February-10
The New PA-Hamas Agreement: Opening the Gates to the Trojan Horse2012-February-08
Israel to UN: You Never Hear Palestinian Leaders Say "Two States for Two Peoples"2012-January-25
India's Delicate Balance2012-January-13
Will Palestinian Reconciliation Lead to a Hamas Takeover of the PLO? 2012-January-09
Are Egypt's Islamic Parties Planning to Nullify the Peace Treaty with Israel? 2011-December-26
Archaeological Excavations in Israel 20122011-December-16
Palestinian Ceasefire Violations Since the End of the Gaza Operation2011-December-15
Video: The Truth About the Refugees 2011-December-09
When Will the Arab World Internalize that Israel Is Here to Stay?2011-December-01
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: The Victory of the Islamist Justice and Development Party in Morocco2011-November-28

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