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Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Israel's Ongoing Role in the Struggle over Mediterranean Gas 2022-September-15
Israel and Germany Hold First Strategic Dialogue2022-September-05
Amnesty International - Hypocrisy and Double Standards2022-September-01
Israeli Intelligence Experts Urge Preparations for Possible Military Conflict with Iran2022-August-29
Israel: Looming Deal Will Not Stop Iran from Acquiring Nuclear Weapons2022-August-25
False and Malicious Catchphrases and Buzzwords in the Israeli-Palestinian Context2022-August-18
2,300 Jordanians Are Working in Eilat2022-August-15
The UN "Commission of Inquiry" into the Israel-Gaza Conflict Abuses the UN Charter2022-August-15
The Discriminatory "Status Quo" on Jerusalem's Temple Mount: An International Law Viewpoint2022-August-11
How Norway and the EU Are Undermining the Oslo Accords2022-August-01
Israeli Leaders Tour Lebanese Border2022-July-21
Text: U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership Joint Declaration2022-July-18
Israel: Commission of Inquiry Report Reflects Human Rights Council's Extreme Anti-Israel Bias2022-June-09
Israel Tells IAEA Chief It "Reserves the Right to Self-Defense Against Iran"2022-June-06
Jerusalem Day: Correcting a Historical Injustice 2022-May-30
Does Anyone Really Understand the Two-State Solution?2022-May-19
Jordan and the Temple Mount: Have the Jordanians Forgotten Their Peace Treaty Obligations?2022-May-09
The Cynical Manipulation and Misleading of Congress by Rep. Ilhan Omar 2022-May-04
Criticizing Israel Has Become a Permanent Obsession2022-April-28
Macron II, the Jews, and Israel2022-April-28
Palestinians Renew Riots on Temple Mount on Friday2022-April-25
It Is the Terrorist Organizations Who Endangered Muslim and Jewish Worshippers in Jerusalem2022-April-25
Israel Expects Its Partners to Condemn Extremists Partaking in Violence2022-April-21
How the Russia-Ukraine War and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Differ 2022-April-21
Laser Game-Changers in Middle Eastern Warfare 2022-April-21
Yet Again, the Vandalizing and Desecration of Joseph's Tomb 2022-April-14
The West Cannot Afford to Be Complacent about the Iranian Threat 2022-March-28
Israel: Don't Remove Iran's Revolutionary Guards from Terrorist List2022-March-21
Israel Responds to Ukrainian President Zelensky's Speech2022-March-21
European Dependence on Russian Gas Revives Debate on EastMed Pipeline2022-March-17
The Russia-Ukraine War and Its Legal and Political Implications 2022-March-14
Israel to Host 25,000 Ukrainian Citizens until Danger Subsides2022-March-10
Europe's Urgent Need for Israeli Gas Production2022-March-03
In Ukraine Crisis, Israel Seeks to Avoid Straining Relations with Russia and U.S.2022-February-28
How Israel's Covid Diplomacy Is Helping the World 2022-February-24
Israel Sends Food Aid to Tonga after Volcano and Tsunami2022-February-03
Israeli Foreign Minister Marks Holocaust Remembrance Day at Camp Where Grandfather Was Killed2022-January-31
Israel-Turkey Reconciliation Is Important, But Won't Be Easy 2022-January-31
The UN Descent to its Deepest Depths of Hostility against Israel 2022-January-24
Obsessed with Israeli Settlements, Americans and Europeans Turn a Blind Eye to Palestinian Violence2022-January-13
Dore Gold: Senior PA Officials Who Received Medical Treatment in Israel Know It Is Not an "Apartheid State" 2022-January-06
Video: Falsifying History - The UN's Reinvention of Jerusalem's Past2022-January-03
Israel Foreign Ministry Rejects Claims that Christian Community in Jerusalem Is Under Threat2021-December-23
A Possible Return to UNESCO - a Very Bad Idea 2021-December-23
Southeast Asia Is Being Fed by Israeli Agritech 2021-December-23
Expansionist Iran Might Launch a New Pearl Harbor in the Middle East 2021-December-16
Does a Palestinian "Right of Return" Exist in International Law?2021-November-22
Video: Today Saudi Arabia Is Part of the Solution2021-November-18
Algeria Confronts Europe and the West over Gas and the Western Sahara2021-November-15
Refuting Palestinian Claims about the U.S. Jerusalem Consulate Issue2021-November-11

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