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Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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A U.S. Consulate for the Palestinians Should Be on Palestinian Territory - Not in Jerusalem 2021-July-15
Israeli, Moroccan Officials Hold Talks in Rabat2021-July-12
Jerusalem Think Tank Hosts Conference on European Reactions to the Gaza War2021-July-08
Israel Assists Cyprus in Fighting Wildfires2021-July-05
Israel's Unique Public Diplomacy Dilemma 2021-July-01
The Gaza War 2021: An Overview 2021-June-24
Naftali Bennett Sworn In as Israel's Prime Minister, Speaks with U.S. President Biden2021-June-14
The Baseless Charge that Israel Is an Apartheid State, Again2021-June-14
Research Study, Kept from Public, Finds EU Is Financing Incitement in Palestinian Schools 2021-June-10
Hamas' War Crimes and Israel's Right to Self-Defense2021-June-03
Hamas Is Acting as an Arm of Iranian Power 2021-May-19
Israel: Palestinian Rocket Attacks on Israel Are War Crimes2021-May-11
PA and Terror Groups Fan Tensions in Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood2021-May-10
Israel Demands that European Countries Stop Funding for Palestinian Organizations Operating on Behalf of the PFLP2021-May-10
Israel to Dispatch Emergency Medical Equipment to India for Coronavirus Epidemic2021-May-06
U.S. Acknowledgment of the Armenian Genocide: Implications for Current Genocidal Threats2021-May-06
Ukrainian Nationalists Mark Creation of SS Division2021-May-03
Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif's Leaked Tape: Revolutionary Guards and Soleimani Sought to Control Iranian Diplomacy 2021-April-29
What Does the Return of the "Two-State Solution" Mean?2021-April-26
Defensible Borders for Israel: An Updated Response to Advocates and Skeptics 2021-April-22
The First Lesson of the Holocaust: The Jewish People Will Never Allow Anyone to Do This to Us Again2021-April-14
Bahrain Jewish Community Holds Holocaust Remembrance Day Event2021-April-08
Biden's Israeli-Palestinian Reset Is Premature, Ill-Advised2021-April-05
Recalibrating the Diplomacy of Middle East Peace 2021-March-29
Scroll Fragments Uncovered in Judean Desert "Directly Attest to the Jewish Heritage of the Region"2021-March-18
Is Israel Legally Obligated to Provide Palestinians with Vaccines?2021-March-01
Insufficient Diplomatic Strength to Stop Iran2021-March-01
Israel: Iran's Nuclear Actions Require Immediate International Response2021-February-25
Israeli Researchers Develop Revolutionary Diagnostic Blood Test2021-February-11
Israel Must Fight Back Against the ICC and Not Be Intimidated by Its Charges2021-February-11
The International Criminal Court's Flawed Decision to Recognize ICC Jurisdiction over the Territories 2021-February-08
Israel Rejects the ICC Decision regarding Its Jurisdiction on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2021-February-08
Israel Launches Social Media Effort to Reach Arab Youth in Wake of Peace Accords2021-February-04
Video - "Occupation": The Search for an Alternative Term2021-February-04
Why Israel Is Right to Doubt that New Negotiations with Iran Will Work2021-February-01
Israel, the Palestinians, and the Covid-19 Vaccines2021-January-14
Is J Street Misrepresenting Its Real Mission? 2021-January-11
The Makings of the U.S. Recognition of the Moroccan Sahara 2021-January-04
Moroccan-Israeli Peace Addresses Multiple Security Challenges2020-December-28
Breaking the Silence's Report on Roads in the Territories Falsely Assumes the Territory Belongs to the Palestinians 2020-December-24
The Beginnings of the Israel-Morocco Peace Deal2020-December-21
Palestinian Leadership Continues Extreme Position Against Peace2020-November-30
Belgium Supports Illegal Construction in the West Bank and Then Demands Compensation 2020-November-26
Israel Sends Aid to Central America after Hurricane2020-November-19
The Gang-Assault on Israel at the 75th Session of the UN General Assembly 2020-November-19
Biden Should Choose a Secretary of State Who Understands Why Previous Peace Efforts Failed2020-November-12
Israel and Bahrain Formalize Diplomatic Relations2020-October-19
Israel-Lebanon Maritime Boundary Negotiations - Some Unique Aspects 2020-October-12
How Support for Israel Is an American Security Interest 2020-October-05
What Was in the Abraham Accords Signed in Washington?2020-September-29

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