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Israel Defense Forces

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Bomb Explodes near Israeli Forces on Lebanon Border, Hizbullah Claims Responsibility2016-January-05
Israeli Soldier Wounded in West Bank Car-Ramming Attack 2016-January-01
The Bedouin Arabs Who Fight alongside Israel2015-December-25
How Israel Fights Islamist Terror 2015-December-25
IDF Shells South Lebanon after Rocket Fire on Western Galilee2015-December-21
IDF Trains Soldiers to Defend Against Knife Attacks2015-December-21
Israeli Defense Minister: Don't Be Fooled by Iran's "Charm Offensive"2015-December-16
International Defense Experts Back IDF's 2014 Gaza Campaign2015-December-14
Russia Bogging Down in Syria 2015-December-11
Hamas Planned Massive Attack on Sderot during 2014 Gaza War2015-December-09
Israel's Air Superiority Clouded by New Russian Missiles in Syria2015-December-04
For Israel: ISIS Is Bad, But the Iranian Axis Is the Graver Threat2015-December-02
Israeli Army Trains for Anti-Tunnel Warfare 2015-December-01
U.S. Teen Killed in West Bank Terror Attack 2015-November-20
South African Police Deny Issuing Arrest Warrants for Israeli Generals2015-November-18
Two Armed Palestinians Killed in West Bank as Israeli Army Demolishes Terrorist's Home2015-November-16
Hospital Raid Video Offers Rare Glimpse into Israeli Undercover Unit 2015-November-13
Murder of Innocent Civilians Can Never Be Justified 2015-November-13
The Defense Relationship with Israel Makes America Safer 2015-November-09
Why Israel Helps Worldwide When Disaster Strikes2015-October-30
Iran's New Palestinian Terror Group Has Missiles that Can Reach Tel Aviv 2015-October-29
Palestinians in Jerusalem Area Have Hundreds of Rifles2015-October-26
Iran's Stake in Syria2015-October-23
Palestinian Stabs Four People in Tel Aviv2015-October-09
Why Israel Should Be Worried about Russia's Role in Syria2015-October-09
Signs in the West Bank Point to Cooling Off 2015-October-07
Israel Fires at Syrian Army in Response to Mortar Fire2015-September-29
Israel Weighs Impact of Russian Intervention in Syria2015-September-22
Israel to Voice Concerns about Russian Deployment in Syria 2015-September-21
What the Third Lebanon War Will Look Like 2015-September-18
Netanyahu, in London, Urges Action to Stop Middle East "Disintegrating"2015-September-11
Elite IDF Forces to Receive State-of-the-Art Uniforms 2015-September-11
Sanctions Debate Emerges from Shadow of Iran Nuclear Accord2015-September-11
The IDF's Mixed-Sex Combat Battalion2015-September-04
Video: Hamas Reveals Its Attack Tunnel Commandos 2015-August-27
Video: Meet Sgt. Yanina, a Combat Soldier in the IDF2015-August-21
Hamas Has Dug Several Tunnels into Israel in New Iran-Funded War Drive2015-August-12
Hamas Attack Tunnels Are Meant to Target Israeli Civilians 2015-August-10
History Contradicts the Dream of Iranian Moderation 2015-August-04
Defense Minister Ya'alon: We Will Not Allow Jewish Terrorists to Harm Palestinians2015-July-31
Israel: The Countdown to Iran Becoming a Threshold Nuclear State Has Begun2015-July-24
The Real Reason Obama Did the Iran Deal2015-July-16
UN Human Rights Report on Gaza: A Moral Travesty 2015-July-10
Disregarding Reality, Yet Again: The Human Rights Council Commission of Inquiry Report2015-July-08
Does Israel Actually Occupy Gaza?2015-July-03
Israel: Hamas Tied to Jihadists in Sinai Assault2015-July-02
Hamas Gearing Up for Next Round with Israel2015-July-01
IDF Soldier Stabbed at Checkpoint2015-June-29
Israeli Brigade Commander: Excessive Caution in Gaza Caused Harm to Soldiers2015-June-24
UN Gaza War Report Leaves No Room for Israeli Self-Defense 2015-June-23

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