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Israel Defense Forces

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Palestinian Tries to Stab Soldier at West Bank Checkpoint2016-November-09
Poll Shows Stanford Undergraduates Chilly towards Israel Divestment 2016-October-28
Palestinian Children Given Knives and Sent to Attack Jews2016-October-27
PA Releases Four Palestinians Detained after Visiting Israeli Succa2016-October-25
Israel Sells Heron UAVs to India2016-October-21
Israel's Damascus-Born Intelligence Assets2016-October-21
Israel Asks Russia to Revise Military Coordination Due to New Russian S-300 Missiles in Syria2016-October-18
New Zealand Academic Describes Gaza Flotilla as "Ship of Fools"2016-October-07
Israeli Communities Evacuated in Drill Simulating Hizbullah Infiltration2016-September-14
The Fragile State of the Palestinian Authority 2016-September-09
Israel Clears Troops of Wrongdoing During 2014 Gaza War2016-August-25
U.S. Military Aid Is Greatly Appreciated in Israel2016-August-22
The Israeli Army's Elite Rescue Unit2016-August-19
India Wants Israeli Radar to Unearth Terrorists Hiding in Forests2016-August-18
IDF Prepares for Hizbullah Invasion 2016-August-10
Pentagon Seeks to Incorporate Israeli Iron Dome Interceptor to Defend U.S. Bases Overseas2016-August-09
How to Prevent the Next "Lone Wolf" Terror Attack2016-August-09
Why ISIS Fears Israel2016-August-09
A Guide to the Palestinian Lexicon2016-August-05
Whom Do Bigots Blame for Police Shootings in America? Israel, of Course!2016-July-22
Iran Deploys Hizbullah-Trained Afghan Sniper Brigade in Syria2016-July-20
Can We Just 2016-July-18
U.S. Military Aid to Israel Is an Investment in America's Own Self-Defense2016-July-14
Hamas Working "Nonstop" to Destabilize West Bank2016-July-13
Photos: The IDF Mixed-Gender Caracal Combat Battalion2016-July-08
IDF Unveils New Cyber Defense HQ2016-June-30
U.S. Air Defense Commander: We Can Learn So Much from What Israel Does2016-June-28
Southeast Asian Nations Seek Israeli Weapons2016-June-14
Palestinian Woman Tries to Stab IDF Soldiers 2016-June-03
Why History Matters: The 1967 Six-Day War2016-June-03
Israel Intercepts 10 Gaza-Bound Drones2016-May-31
Iran's Holocaust Denial Is Part of a Malevolent Strategy2016-May-30
Israel Foils Attempt to Smuggle Rocket Materials from West Bank to Hamas in Gaza2016-May-27
U.S.-Born Soldier Wins Leadership Prize for Actions in 2014 Gaza War2016-May-26
Israel's NSA 2016-May-13
The Israel that Arabs Don't Know2016-May-09
Will Hamas Risk an Escalation? 2016-May-06
PA Security Services Dramatically Expand Counterterrorism Efforts2016-May-04
Hizbullah Develops New Skills in Syria, Posing Challenges for Israel2016-April-28
Netanyahu Says He Got Russian Assurances over Syrian Threat2016-April-22
Singapore Leader Thanks Israel for Defense Aid 2016-April-19
IDF Uncovers Gaza Terror Tunnel Dug into Israeli Territory 2016-April-18
U.S. Lawmakers Seek to Boost Israeli Missile Defense Funding 2016-April-15
Israel Expands Trophy Anti-Missile Defense Systems 2016-April-15
Bomb Detonates near IDF Vehicle on Gaza Border 2016-April-08
How the Arab Revolt in Palestine (1936-39) Succeeded 2016-April-08
Islamic State Increasing Presence Near Israel's Borders2016-April-04
Israel: Russian Air Power in Syria Remains Robust2016-March-29
Special People in the IDF2016-March-18
Israeli Defense Chief Sees Inevitable Syrian Collapse amid Russian Exit2016-March-15

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