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Israel Defense Forces

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IDF Chief of Staff: "Hizbullah Has More Rockets than Before Lebanon War"2009-May-27
Numbers Game: How Many Civilians Were Killed in Gaza? 2009-May-07
Defending the Golan Heights2009-May-07
UN Secretary General: UN Report on Gaza War Not Legally Binding2009-May-06
Israeli Army Singing Group Banned in Britain2009-May-01
IDF Officer Outlines Israeli Military Ethics in Gaza 2009-May-01
Israel Says Actions in Gaza War Did Not Violate International Law2009-April-23
Report on the Conduct of IDF Soldiers During the Gaza War2009-April-23
IDF Tightens Borders with Egypt and Jordan2009-April-16
Palestinians Clash with IDF Near Site of West Bank Terrorist Attack2009-April-10
UN Human Rights Expert Would Prohibit Self-Defense2009-April-10
The Iran-Sudan Connection2009-April-03
Israeli Soldiers Speak Out2009-April-03
Hearsay: Findings of Military Police Investigation of Soldiers' Comments on Gaza War 2009-March-31
Examining the Conduct of IDF Operations in Gaza2009-March-30
Israel, U.S. Agreed to Address Arms Shipments in East Africa2009-March-27
New IDF Figures: 700 Hamas Terrorists Killed in Gaza Operation2009-March-27
IDF: 600 Hamas Men Died in Gaza Offensive2009-March-25
Chief of Staff Discusses Claims Against IDF2009-March-24
UK Backtracks on Preventing War Crimes Charges Against Visiting IDF Officers2009-March-23
IDF Orders Probe into Allegations over Gaza War2009-March-20
IDF Chief of Staff Visits U.S.2009-March-16
Palestinian Rocket Hits Synagogue in Netivot2009-March-06
Israel Air Force Bombs Gaza Smuggling Tunnels2009-March-04
U.S. Helps Palestinians Build Security Force 2009-February-27
Repetition of Failed Experiments Is Not a Formula for Israeli-Palestinian Peace 2009-February-24
Israel's Gaza Operation and International Law2009-February-20
Israeli Justice Minister: "We Risked Troops' Lives to Protect Palestinians" 2009-February-19
Palestinian Rocket Fire Continues2009-February-19
One Month After the Gaza War 2009-February-19
IDF: Iran No. 1 Threat to Israel2009-February-16
No Change in Election Results After Soldiers' Vote Counted 2009-February-13
Hamas, Not Israel, Should Be Tried for War Crimes 2009-February-12
UN Confirms: UNRWA School Not Hit By Israel2009-February-06
Palestinian Terrorist Killed near Gaza Border2009-February-06
Israeli Tactics in the Gaza War 2009-February-06
The Gaza War: A Strategic Analysis2009-February-04
Palestinian Rocket Fire Worsens2009-February-02
IDF Antelope Corps Helps Secure Israel's Northern Border 2009-January-28
Hamas Captives Talking to Israel about Tactics, Training2009-January-28
IDF Officer: Hamas Use of Children During Gaza Operation Was "Monstrous"2009-January-23
Britain Giving Up Against Global Jihad 2009-January-23
Israel Changes the Facts on the Ground, Militarily and Diplomatically2009-January-21
Israel Closing In on Hamas HQ in Gaza City2009-January-16
Hamas in Tactical Rethink 2009-January-16
UN Agency That Runs School Hit in Gaza Employed Hamas and Islamic Jihad Members 2009-January-15
Hamas Suicide Bombers Posing as Israeli Troops in Gaza2009-January-14
Three Rockets Fired at Israel from Lebanon 2009-January-14
Three IDF Soldiers Wounded by Palestinian Fire in West Bank2009-January-13
Hamas Fired Anti-Aircraft Missiles at Israeli Planes2009-January-12

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