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Israel Defense Forces

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The IDF Underwater Missions Unit 2010-August-11
IDF Changes Approach to Lebanese Army 2010-August-11
Keep the Claws Sharp2010-August-10
Military Implications of the Israel-Lebanon Border Incident2010-August-10
Lebanon Bent on Building Up Army2010-August-09
Netanyahu: Hamas Responsible for Rockets on Eilat2010-August-05
Report: Hizbullah Busting Alleged Israeli Spy Cells Using Tools Provided to Lebanese by the West 2010-August-02
First Female Arab Combat Soldier in IDF 2010-July-30
For Israel, a Two-State Proposal Starts with Security 2010-July-26
Palestinian Infiltrating West Bank Settlement Killed 2010-July-22
Gaza Terrorists Preparing to Fire Rocket Targeted by IDF2010-July-22
IDF Chief of Staff Speaks at Arch of Titus in Rome2010-July-20
Queens of the Desert2010-July-16
Operation Sabotage: Our Secret War Against Iran2010-July-15
Maps and Videos: How Hizbullah Uses Lebanese Villages as Military Bases 2010-July-08
Netanyahu, Gates Discuss Eastern Front Against Israel2010-July-08
IDF Investigation of the Gaza Operation2010-July-07
Why Deport a Friend to Middle East Peace? 2010-June-30
Palestinian Killed After Firing Anti-Tank Missile at IDF Soldiers2010-June-29
Turkey Blocks IDF Aircraft Flying to Poland2010-June-28
Did You Feel Safe in Israel?2010-June-25
Gilad Shalit: Hostage of Hamas2010-June-25
Palestinians Stealing Water in West Bank 2010-June-25
Palestinians Stealing Water in West Bank 2010-June-25
Defense Minister Barak: Gaza - An Iranian Military Base Next to Israel2010-June-24
IDF Chief: We Can't Let Gaza Become an Iranian Port2010-June-24
Lebanese Flotilla Organizer: Send Israelis Back to Poland2010-June-22
IDF: Five Gaza Flotilla Activists Linked to Hamas, Al-Qaeda 2010-June-07
Israel Navy Takes Over New Gaza Aid Ship Without Incident2010-June-07
The Next Israel-Hizbullah War 2010-June-04
Another Baseless Accusation of an Israeli "Massacre"2010-June-01
IDF Soldier Describes Attack by Mob2010-June-01
U.S. on Israel: "We're the Only Ones Who Believe Them" 2010-June-01
Demilitarization - Preventing Military and Terrorist Threats from Within and By Way of the Palestinian Territories2010-May-26
The Humanitarian Situation in Gaza2010-May-26
Palestinians Blow Up Donkey Cart Filled with Dynamite near Gaza Border2010-May-26
IDF Preparing for Mass Evacuations in Case of Hizbullah Missile Strike2010-May-21
Over a Quarter Million Jews Have Visited Israel with Birthright2010-May-18
New Artillery Rocket Accurate within 10 Meters after 40 Km.2010-May-17
IDF Employs New Thermal Camera for Border Surveillance2010-May-14
Israel Air Force Commander: Hizbullah Has Firepower Unparalleled by Many States 2010-May-12
The Israeli Mood Today 2010-May-07
Terror Attacks Down in April2010-May-06
Israel Develops Device to See Through Walls 2010-May-03
Report: Obama Promised Abbas a Palestinian State within Two Years2010-April-30
Inside the Syrian Missile Crisis2010-April-16
IDF Kills Palestinian Terrorist Planting Bomb at Gaza Border2010-April-16
Does American Deployment Abroad Help Israel? 2010-April-14
PA Transfers 17 Bombs to IDF2010-April-13
A Crisis in U.S.-Israel Relations: Have We Been Here Before? 2010-April-09

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