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Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center

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The Media and Civilian Casualties in Gaza2015-May-08
Iranian Support for Palestinian Terrorism2015-May-04
How the AP Botched Its Investigation of Civilian Deaths in the Israel-Hamas War 2015-March-12
Hamas Incitement to Terrorism at West Bank University2015-March-11
Half of Palestinian Journalists Killed in Gaza War Belonged to Hamas and Islamic Jihad2015-February-13
Hamas Fast Rebuilding Forces in Gaza 2015-February-04
Hamas Forces Practice Takeover of IDF Posts and Abduction of Soldiers near Gaza2015-January-07
Israeli Security Center Publishes Names of 50 Killed Terrorists "Concealed by Hamas" 2015-January-02
Hamas Drills Cross-Border Attacks on IDF Posts 2014-December-30
Half of Gaza War Dead Were Terrorists2014-December-10
Eleven Israelis Killed in Palestinian Terrorist Attacks in Past Month2014-November-21
Half of Palestinians Killed in Gaza War Were Terrorists2014-October-20
Half of Those Who Died in the Gaza War Were Terrorists2014-October-03
Islamic Jihad Says 123 Operatives Killed in Gaza War, Including Several Senior Commanders2014-September-23
Palestinian Children and Teenagers Served as Military Operatives in Gaza War2014-September-22
Examination of Palestinians Killed in Gaza War - Part Four2014-September-01
Interim Report: 46 Percent of Gaza War Dead Were Terrorists2014-August-22
Examination of the Names of Palestinians Killed in the Gaza War: Half Were Terrorists2014-August-08
Israeli Arabs and Palestinians Join Rebels in Syria Affiliated with Al-Qaeda2014-January-22
Fatah Leader Jibril Rajoub Viciously Attacks Israel2014-January-10
Hizbullah Intensifies Its Involvement in Syria, Suffering Heavy Losses2014-January-08
European Diplomats Attend "Popular Resistance" Conference in West Bank2013-October-31
Iranian Website Publishes More of President Rouhani's Memoirs 2013-October-25
Al-Nusra Front Forging Al-Qaeda Base in Syria2013-September-30
Palestinians in West Bank Planning New Wave of Anti-Israel Activity2013-July-10
Escalating Anti-Shi'ite Rhetoric from Sunni Clerics 2013-June-26
PA and Fatah Implementing "Popular Resistance" in West Bank 2013-June-07
Hamas Interior Minister in Gaza Promotes West Bank Terrorist Attacks 2013-April-12
Iranian Support for Palestinian Terrorist Organizations2013-January-22
Hamas Terrorists Killed in Operation Pillar of Defense (Nov. 2012)2012-December-27
60 Percent of Palestinian Casualties in Recent Gaza Fighting Were Terrorists2012-December-25
IDF Killed Top Opponents of Hamas in Gaza2012-October-26
Viva Palestina Fails in New Attempt to Send Aid Convoy to Hamas in Gaza 2012-June-07
Hamas Elections in Gaza - Results and Significance 2012-May-25
Palestinian Terrorists in Gaza Lost the Last Round of Fighting 2012-March-28
The Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab World and Islamic Communities in Western Europe2011-December-30
The Rise and Fall of the Iranian Revolutionary Model 2011-December-26
The Double Identities of Hamas "Police"2011-November-25
Anti-Israel Activists Planning New Challenges to Israel 2011-November-17
The Prisoner Exchange2011-October-14
Gaza Summer Camps Include Political Indoctrination2011-August-10
Cairo Hosts Conference Supporting Terrorism2011-August-08
The Price of Israel's Unilateral Withdrawals from Lebanon and Gaza2011-June-24
Pro-Palestinian Activists Call for Mass "Fly-in" to Israel in July 2011-June-03
Turkish Flotilla Passengers Joined Nakba Protest in Jordan 2011-May-31
Turkish Flotilla Organizer IHH Condemned Bin Laden Killing2011-May-19
Weapons on Victoria Arms Ship Made in Iran2011-March-22
Sheikh Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood's Ideological Guide 2011-March-01
U.S.-Egyptian Counterterrorism Work Thrown into Question 2011-February-15
IDF Soldiers Reveal What Happened Aboard the Mavi Marmara2011-January-27

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