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Institute for National Security Studies

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Egyptians Begin to Envision Warmer Relations with Israel2016-June-09
Netanyahu Visits Russia as U.S. Influence in Mideast Recedes2016-June-08
Political-Legal Theater in the 2014 Gaza War2016-May-20
How Israel Is Turning Part of the Negev Desert into a Cyber-City2016-May-20
Video: Why Is Hamas Digging Attack Tunnels2016-May-17
The Palestinian Authority: A State Failure? 2016-May-17
Chinese Maritime Strategy in the Mediterranean2016-May-13
How Iran Is Twisting Reality to Get What It Wants 2016-May-11
Peace with Israel in Egyptian Textbooks: What Changed between the Mubarak and el-Sisi Eras?2016-May-10
Behind the U.S.-Israel Discussions on Military Aid2016-May-03
Iran's Bid for Hegemony and Its Consequences 2016-April-08
Do Israel and the Palestinians Share a Political Horizon?2016-March-31
Dealing with Terrorism in Europe2016-March-28
Iran after the Nuclear Deal2016-March-16
Defense Minister Ya'alon: Arab States Seeking Nukes in Wake of Iran Deal 2016-February-15
Israel's Options in the Face of Hamas Attack Tunnels 2016-February-15
Iran Deal "Launders" Iranian Nuclear Program 2016-February-10
The Nuclear Agreement with Iran: Insights and Implications2016-February-09
The Islamic State: How Viable Is It?2016-January-22
U.S., Israel Debate If All Options Still Available to Counter Iran2016-January-21
Israel Has Contacts with Almost Every Arab State2016-January-20
U.S. Ambassador Criticizes Israel, Netanyahu Calls Comments "Unacceptable"2016-January-19
IDF Chief of Staff: "Iran Is Fighting a Proxy War Against Israel" 2016-January-19
If UN Positions on Syria Border Fall to Radicals, Israel Will Have to Respond2016-January-15
Domestic Issues Fuel Saudi-Iranian Spat2016-January-05
Iran's Ballistic Missiles Are Actually a Huge Problem2016-January-05
Experts: "Iran Has Achieved a Major Victory"2015-December-30
The Syrian Civil War and Its Consequences for Hizbullah 2015-December-30
The Reconfiguration of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt2015-December-23
The Death Knell of the Non-Proliferation Regime?2015-December-21
Israeli Black Flags: Salafist Jihadis in Israel and the Rise of the Islamic State2015-December-17
How to Defeat ISIS 2015-December-09
Ignoring Iran's Past Deceptions Dooms Nuclear Deal 2015-December-08
Israel's Air Superiority Clouded by New Russian Missiles in Syria2015-December-04
The Confrontation between Turkey and Russia: Lessons for Israel 2015-December-04
Former Head of IDF Intelligence: ISIS Is Much Less Dangerous than Iran2015-December-02
The Paris Attacks: Not a Strategic Change, But a Natural Development2015-December-01
The EU Decision to Label Products from the Settlements 2015-November-23
The Slaughter in Paris: Motives and Implications2015-November-18
Abbas' Opposition to Recognition of Israel as a Jewish State: Strategic Implications2015-November-05
The Islamic State in the Sinai Peninsula2015-October-26
Israeli Arms Control Expert: Iranian Long-Range Missile Test a Challenge to U.S. 2015-October-16
Palestinian Youth, Inspired by Social Media, Drive Rise in Violence in Israel2015-October-15
The Bigger Villain Whitewashes the Crimes of the Lesser Villain 2015-October-14
The Escalation in the Palestinian Arena 2015-October-12
Russian Involvement in Syria: What has Changed, and the Significance for Israel2015-October-09
Syria: Time to Reformulate the Rules of the Game2015-October-01
The IAEA Inspection Farce at Parchin2015-September-30
Escalation in Jerusalem 2015-September-21
Impact of Falling Oil Prices on Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States2015-September-09

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