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Institute for National Security Studies

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Israel Demonstrated Its Ability to Defend Its Skies 2018-February-12
U.S. Envoy Sees "Growing Receptivity to Peace across the Region"2018-February-02
U.S. Warns Iran Against Missile Proliferation2018-February-01
Israel and the Arab States: A Historic Opportunity to Normalize Relations? 2018-January-30
Israel's Remarkable Diplomatic Achievements in 2017 2018-January-26
The Iranian Military Intervention in Syria: A Look to the Future2018-January-26
UNIFIL: Same Forces, More Reports2018-January-26
Behind the Fiery Rhetoric, the Palestinian Leadership Is Cornered and Flailing2018-January-17
Regional Pushback, Nuclear Rollback: A Comprehensive Strategy for an Iran in Turmoil2018-January-12
Don't Withdraw from the Nuclear Agreement, Demand Its Full Implementation 2018-January-11
Lessons from the Negotiation that Led to the Iran Nuclear Deal 2018-January-02
The Arab and European Vote on the UN's Jerusalem Resolution 2017-December-28
Trump's Statement on Jerusalem Does Not Contradict the Arab Peace Initiative 2017-December-18
Trump's Jerusalem Announcement a Rare Strategic Opportunity2017-December-15
U.S. President's Jerusalem Speech Shows that Time Is Not Working in the Palestinians' Favor2017-December-08
U.S. Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital Is a Positive Step 2017-December-06
The War on Terrorism in Sinai: A Watershed?2017-November-30
Pressure Iran on Regional Terror2017-November-29
Obstacles Hindering Iran's Expansion in the Middle East2017-November-29
Iran's Middle East Gains Are Due to Arab Weakness2017-November-28
Israel's Red Lines on Iran's Foothold in Syria2017-November-23
Why Did Israel Support the Kurdish Referendum?2017-November-22
How Close to Israel Can Saudi Arabia Move? 2017-November-13
Islamic State Threat Is Alive at Israel's Doorstep Despite Losses Elsewhere 2017-October-31
U.S. Policy on Iran: Getting Tough without Leaving the Nuclear Deal2017-October-18
Preparing an Alternative Strategy before Withdrawing from the Nuclear Agreement with Iran2017-October-11
IDF Prepares for Next War with Hizbullah2017-September-20
How to Understand Israel's Strike on Syria2017-September-11
Security Expert: Iran Can Be Where North Korea Is in a Short Time 2017-September-06
The Challenge of Iran in Russia-Dominated Syria 2017-September-04
The Iranian Threat in Syria 2017-August-24
The New Iranian Threat in Enriching Uranium Exposes the Weakness of the Nuclear Agreement2017-August-24
Europe's Challenges Open the Market for Israel's Arms Industry 2017-August-21
EU Support for Palestinian Security Reforms Has Not Increased Prospects for a Democratic and Viable Palestinian State as Intended2017-August-16
Experts Concerned about North Korean Nuclear Precedent for Iran 2017-August-15
The North Korean Case of Failed Negotiations Must Be Heeded When Thinking about Iran2017-August-15
U.S. Policy on Regime Change in Iran 2017-August-11
Will Iran Become the Next North Korea?2017-August-04
Russia's Army in Syria: Testing a New Concept of Warfare 2017-August-01
The North Korean Challenge: Insights for the Middle East 2017-July-13
The Islamic State: Down - The Salafi-Jihad Movement: Up2017-June-30
Pressuring the PA Is Key to Ending Terrorist Payments2017-June-28
Yadlin: U.S. Arms Deal with Saudis Shouldn't Worry Israel2017-May-25
President Trump's Visit to the Middle East2017-May-24
The New "Softer" Hamas Position Is Nothing More than a Front for Plans of Domination2017-May-05
The U.S. Strike in Syria: Global Message2017-April-13
Military Strikes on Syria: Historical Lessons and Implications 2017-April-12
Airstrike in Syria: Restoring U.S. Leadership and Deterrence2017-April-12
Lessons on Iran from North Korea's Nuclear Threat2017-March-30
Iran Nuclear Deal May Ignite Arab Arms Race 2017-March-28

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