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Institute for National Security Studies

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The Toppling of the Tunisian Regime: Ramifications for the Arab World 2011-January-21
Israel's Diplomatic Achievements2011-January-04
Russia Takes a New Look at the Peace Process 2010-December-24
The Question of an Israeli Apology to Turkey for the Flotilla Episode 2010-December-15
Peace Process to Nowhere 2010-November-23
Why America Chases an Israeli-Palestinian Peace 2010-November-22
Drones Sold to Russia Could One Day Serve Hizbullah2010-November-19
The IDF in the Second Intifada2010-November-18
Iran: New Talks a Step in the Wrong Direction2010-October-25
Iran's New Qiam Missile 2010-September-01
Israeli Forces Had a Right to Intercept the Mavi Marmara2010-August-20
Is the Military Option Back on the Table?2010-August-11
The Exchange of Fire on Israel's Northern Border2010-August-10
No to Strategic Suicide2010-June-30
The Gaza Flotilla's Silver Lining2010-June-24
Turkish Relief Fund Involved in Gaza Flotilla Has Radical Islamic Orientation2010-May-28
Being Clear about Ambiguity2010-May-14
Calls for a Nuclear-Free Middle East Disregard Reality 2010-May-11
U.S. Support for Israel's Nuke Policy Eroding 2010-May-10
Why Are Iran and Syria Still Members in Good Standing at the NPT Conference? 2010-May-03
Can the U.S. Contain a Nuclear Iran?2010-March-26
Would a Palestinian State Stymie Iran's Plans?2010-March-23
Dr. Mitchell's Mideast Talking Cure 2010-March-11
Countdown to the Iranian Bomb2010-March-05
Sanctions Alone Won't Stop Iran's Nuclear Work 2010-February-18
Iran's Brinkmanship Is Paying Off2010-February-17
When the Enemy Does Not Adhere to the Laws of War 2010-February-16
Smart, Maybe, But Ineffective2010-February-12
Western Diplomats: Ahmadinejad's Move to Further Enrich Uranium Has Backfired2010-February-10
The Egypt-Hamas Standoff in Gaza: A View from Israel2010-January-29
Only Comprehensive Sanctions Will Influence Iran to Suspend Enrichment2010-January-26
Israel Backs Obama's Push for Sanctions on Iran2010-January-01
Time to Be Tough with Iran 2009-December-25
Israel Seeks to Restore Deterrence 2009-December-25
Israel: Turkish-Mediated Talks with Syria a Mistake2009-December-16
Why Iran Can't Be Contained 2009-December-15
Military Intelligence: Iran Has Enough Nuclear Material for Bomb2009-December-15
Only Much Harsher Sanctions Can Halt Iran Nuclear Program 2009-December-14
The Naval Arena in the Struggle Against Iran2009-December-10
The End of the Peace Process 2009-December-10
Iran Rejects the Uranium Deal2009-November-25
Don't Run to Assad 2009-November-19
The End of the Peace Process2009-November-18
Middle East Military Balance Database2009-November-13
Understanding How Iran Negotiates2009-November-13
The Latest Victory in an Intelligence War2009-November-10
The IAEA and Israel 2009-October-09
The Implications of Iran's Second Enrichment Plant2009-September-30
Basic Assumptions on the Peace Process Revisited 2009-September-03
Demilitarization of West Bank Is Not Feasible2009-August-18

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