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Are Europeans Thwarting Normalization?2010-March-31
How Our Muslim Allies Understand the "Crisis" Between the U.S. and Israel2010-March-22
Hurva Synagogue Restored in Jerusalem's Old City2010-March-12
For Israel's Arabs It Is Not Apartheid2010-March-10
PA Escalating Tensions with Israel2010-March-02
PA Still Stealing "Hundreds of Millions" 2010-February-25
If Israel Killed Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, Did It Have the Right To? 2010-February-19
Egyptian Coptic Christians: A Barometer of Religious Intolerance 2010-February-05
Goldstone Cannot Possibly Believe His Report's Conclusions2010-February-05
The Good Old Days Before Peace2010-February-04
Is Gaza Occupied? Redefining the Legal Status of Gaza2010-January-15
Can Hamas Be Stopped from Seizing West Bank?2010-January-08
Why Abbas Does Not Want to Resume Peace Talks 2009-December-31
British Anti-Semitism Returns - with a Vengeance2009-December-25
Shhh...Mubarak Is Building a Wall2009-December-25
Wanted: A Palestinian "Peace Now" Movement2009-December-09
Islamic Militants Boosting Role in Drug Trade2009-November-18
What Does "Pro-Palestinian" Really Mean?2009-November-18
Goldstone Backs Away from Report2009-October-14
Settlement Issue No Longer U.S.-Israel Flashpoint2009-October-09
The Hypocrisy of "Universal Jurisdiction" 2009-October-08
The Chavez-Iran Alliance: A Menace to the Western Hemisphere 2009-September-25
Goldstone Report Is a Barrier to Peace 2009-September-25
UN Investigation of Israel Discredits Itself and Undercuts Human Rights 2009-September-17
Can a State Be Built on a Pack of Lies?2009-September-03
Polygamy in Eurabia2009-August-28
How to Solve the Arab-Israeli Conflict 2009-August-13
The Radicalization of Fatah 2009-August-05
Arab Responsibility for Palestinian Refugees2009-July-30
Hamas' New "Culture War"2009-July-28
Religious Cleansing in Iran2009-July-23
Hamas Tightens Its Grip in Gaza2009-July-06
U.S. Funds Abuse of Palestinian Human Rights2009-July-01
Chavez and His Latin American Comrades Support Ahmadinejad 2009-June-26
Proposal for a Demilitarized Palestinian State Not New2009-June-16
Israel's Arab Citizens2009-May-22
Israeli Unity Government Anchored to Iranian Nuclear Emergency 2009-April-03
On Campus: The Pro-Palestinians' Real Agenda2009-March-25
New Palestinian TV - To Broadcast What?2009-March-04
Hampshire Divests from Israel, So Contributors Should Divest from Hampshire2009-February-16
How a Turkish Diplomat Saved 20,000 Jews During the Holocaust 2009-February-13
What Mitchell Should Try: The Jordan-Egypt Option 2009-February-03
Will a Gaza Cease-Fire Work? 2009-January-21
Hamas and the Palestinians2009-January-04
Israel Bans a UN Rapporteur Who Compares the Jewish State to Nazi Germany2008-December-19
Stay Away from Durban II2008-December-19
Fatah-Hamas Struggle Blocks Progress on Peace with Israel2008-December-08
Changing the World One Schoolbook at a Time 2008-July-23
Despite Saudi Promises, Textbooks Filled with Hate 2008-July-22

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