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Gerald Steinberg

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In the Last Decade, Western Governments Funneled $220 Million to PFLP-Linked NGOs 2022-August-29
Israel's Move Against Terror NGOs2022-August-29
Europe's Palestinian Blind Spot 2022-July-21
U.S. Offering $1 Million to Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations2022-March-24
What Israel Must Learn from the War in Ukraine2022-February-28
European Funding for Palestinian NGOs as Political Subcontracting2021-December-30
The Israeli Government's Designation of Six Palestinian NGOs: A Reply to Critics2021-December-09
Palestinian NGO Terror Links 2021-November-11
Who Is Watching the Human Rights Watchers?2021-May-27
Gaza's International Protectors Have Eyes, But Do Not See2021-May-20
The End of Europe's Romance with Palestinian Terror? 2021-May-10
A New Bogus Definition of Anti-Semitism 2021-April-08
Remembering Manfred Gerstenfeld 2021-March-01
Castles in the Air? The American Return to the UN Human Rights Council2021-February-18
A Pragmatic Peace for Israelis and Palestinians2021-February-04
The War over the IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism 2021-January-28
Human Rights Watch's Anti-Israel Agenda 2020-December-24
The Abuse of Human Rights to Promote Hate 2020-November-26
UN Coronavirus Aid Going to Palestinian Terror-Linked Groups 2020-May-25
Political Games at The Hague2019-December-26
Israel Denial in the Academic World 2019-November-22
BDS Was Started by Western NGOs and European Governments, Not the Palestinians 2019-October-11
A Taste of Their Own Medicine at the UN 2019-September-03
Nuanced Realism: Israel and the Tlaib/Omar Visit2019-August-19
The WHO Propaganda Theater2019-July-04
Mutual Recognition Never Happened, Palestinian Leaders Are Stuck in 19482019-February-15
The EU and Khan al-Ahmar2018-October-05
Time to Talk to the EU about NGO Funding 2018-July-27
Foreign-Funded NGOs, Political Power, and Democratic Legitimacy2018-June-26
Foreign-Funded NGOs, Political Power and Democratic Legitimacy2018-June-08
Rockefeller Brothers Fund Gives to Groups Funding Palestinian Terrorism 2018-June-08
Why Israel Must Respond to Iranian Aggression with Disproportionate Force2018-February-23
The Chutzpah of EU Intervention in Israel2017-December-27
Swiss Parliament Votes to End Funding of Anti-Semitic NGOs2017-June-14
Israeli Perceptions of Vulnerability 2017-May-18
Human Rights Watch's Political War Against Israel2017-February-27
Foreign Government Funding to Political NGOs Operating in Another Democracy Is a Violation of Sovereignty and Self-Determination2017-February-15
When Foreign Governments Meddle in Israeli Politics2017-February-13
The Elements of Diplomatic Deal-Making2017-January-25
Ethnic Cleansing: Memories of 1929 and 1948 2016-September-16
The Palestinian Charity Trap2016-August-12
When Israelis Are the Victims of Apartheid 2016-August-11
Learning from the World Vision Case2016-August-09
Paris Middle East Peace Talks More Grandstanding than Grit2016-June-03
Swiss Parliament Launches Inquiry into Anti-Israel NGOs2016-May-25
Political-Legal Theater in the 2014 Gaza War2016-May-20
EU Governments Enable the Actions of the BDS Movement They Officially Oppose2015-November-13
Why Is EU Product Labeling a Big Deal?2015-October-28
Hamas Set to Win Seat at UN Economic and Social Council2015-July-17
Filling in the Blanks: Documenting Missing Dimensions in UN and NGO "Investigations" of the Gaza Conflict2015-June-22

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