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Fouad Ajami

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Why Did the Camp David Peace Talks Fail 20 Years Ago?2020-July-16
U.S. Tilt to Iran Is Upsetting Allies and Disrupting the Middle East2014-January-10
The Kurds Get a Second Chance2013-November-01
A Lawyer in a Region of Thugs2013-October-25
Survival of the Syrian Regime Is a "Red Line" for Russia 2013-September-13
The True Nature of a Coup Revealed 2013-August-15
Egypt's Islamists Are Out But Not Down2013-July-15
Egypt on the Brink - With No Clear Way Back2013-July-03
John Kerry's Syrian Second Chance2013-February-28
The Pharaoh Fell, But His Poisonous Legacy Lingers2013-February-11
The Struggle for the Fertile Crescent 2013-January-16
Egypt's Sisyphean Struggle for Democracy2012-December-14
Will the Arab Spring Deliver for Hamas?2012-November-21
Syria's War Hits the House of Assad 2012-July-19
Egypt's Next Leader Won't Be from Tahrir Square2012-May-28
America's Syria Abdication2012-April-27
America's Alibis for Not Helping Syria2012-February-24
Putin Stands by Assad: The Last Battle of the Cold War2012-February-01
Syria: The Lost Bequest of Hafez Assad2012-January-25
America and the Solitude of the Syrians 2012-January-06
Egypt and the Fruits of the Pharaohs 2011-November-29
Gaddafi and the Swindle of Dictatorship2011-October-21
Palestinian Statehood and the Lessons of Oslo2011-September-23
The Arab Spring Is an Economic Revolt2011-July-08
Syria: Where Massacre Is a Family Tradition2011-June-13
The UN Can't Deliver a Palestinian State 2011-June-01
The Freedom Movement Comes to Syria2011-April-27
How the Arabs Turned Shame into Liberty2011-March-03
Mideast Unrest a Change the World Should Believe In 2011-February-25
The Strange Survival of the Arab Autocracies 2010-December-17
Karzai and the Scent of U.S. Irresolution2010-October-27
The Cop on the Banks of the Nile2010-July-28
Islam's Nowhere Men 2010-May-11
The Decline of American Power 2010-April-09
The Arabs Have Stopped Applauding2009-November-30
Obama's Persian Tutorial2009-June-22
Syria Profits from Regional Diplomatic Upheaval after Gaza Conflict2009-February-06
Obama and the Middle East2008-December-16
Campus Battlegrounds2008-July-25
Hizbullah's Future in Lebanon 2008-July-23
God Bless Al-Jazeera 2008-July-16
A Reality Check as Israel Turns 60 2008-May-09
Iran Must Finally Pay a Price2008-May-06
Iran's Sly Games in Iraq2008-April-17
On Kosovo's Fields2008-February-29
The Powers of Petrocracy2008-January-01
Nationalist Suicide2007-June-27
Brothers to the Bitter End2007-June-19
How the Six-Day War Reshaped the Mideast2007-June-05
The Great Circle of Enmity 2007-May-15

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