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Elliott Abrams

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The End of the Peace Process2009-November-18
A Practical Approach to a Palestinian State2009-November-10
My Secret Plan to Overthrow the Mullahs2009-October-21
Terrorism Prevents Palestinian State 2009-September-09
What Carter Missed in the Middle East2009-September-08
Appeasing Syria2009-September-03
Why Israel Is Nervous 2009-August-03
Mitchell Denies Claim He Plans to Retire2009-July-21
Veteran U.S. Negotiators Say Settlement Pressure Misguided2009-June-23
Lebanon's Triumph, Iran's Travesty2009-June-12
Israelis Say Bush Officials Agreed to Limited Settlement Growth2009-June-04
The Settlement Freeze Fallacy2009-June-04
Is Obama Looking for a Fight over "Natural Growth"? 2009-May-28
Settlement Issue Is Complicated by Bush Agreement2009-May-25
Obama, Netanyahu, and Iran2009-May-11
The Settlement Freeze Fallacy2009-April-08
No Rejection of Two-State Solution 2009-April-02
Secretary of State Clinton Must Reject Hamas "Unity Government" Ploy2009-March-02
Repetition of Failed Experiments Is Not a Formula for Israeli-Palestinian Peace 2009-February-24
Iran Pumps Iron in the Middle East2008-May-16
Israelis Claim Secret Agreement with U.S. on Settlements2008-April-24
Defense in Lobbyists Case: Back-Channel Disclosures Are Common Practice2007-August-31
Hamas Thrives as U.S. Moves Misfire2007-July-06
U.S. Official: Peace Effort Aimed at Lessening Arab, EU Pressure 2007-May-11
U.S. Demands Israel Cease Overflights of Lebanon2006-November-03
U.S. Hopes to Strengthen Abbas2006-November-03
Bush Makes Show of Support for Abbas2006-September-21
Mearsheimer and Walt Appear with CAIR to Pronounce Blame on Israel Lobby2006-August-29
Israel Bracing for Hamas Terrorism after PA Elections 2006-January-09
Israel Rejects Arming Palestinian Police 2005-April-29
U.S. Officials to Push PA More Than Sharon2005-April-21
Israel-PA Security Talks May Resume2005-April-18
U.S. Won't Confront Israel Over Housing Plan2005-March-25
The End of the Peace Process2004-December-10
Bush Decides to Focus on Palestinian Reform2004-December-02
U.S. to Europeans: No Shortcuts in Road Map2004-November-12
U.S. Sees "Historic Potential" in PM's Disengagement Plan2004-March-15
U.S. Seeks Safeguards for Israel's Gaza Pullout2004-February-18
U.S. Sets Limits on Disengagement Plan: No Annexation, No Eastern Fence2004-February-16
U.S. Supports Israel at The Hague2004-January-28
U.S. Presses Israel to Stop Work on New Settlements and Barrier2003-November-25
Powell Plans Post-Iraq Pressure on Sharon Concerning Road Map 2003-March-28

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