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Efraim Karsh

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The Radicalization of Israeli Arabs2021-August-12
Hamas Doesn't Want a Palestinian State2021-May-24
Seth Rogen's Anti-Israel Rant2020-July-30
Israel's Flight from South Lebanon 20 Years On 2020-May-25
How the Jewish National Home Entered International Law2020-April-24
The Zionist Movement Did Not Seek to Dispossess the Palestinian Arabs2019-October-07
Why the Economic Rehabilitation of Gaza Will Not Bring Peace 2018-August-06
Is Economic Rehabilitation the Answer to Palestinian Violence in Gaza?2018-June-05
The Privileged Palestinian "Refugees" 2018-May-25
The Palestinians Have Always Rejected a Two-State Solution 2017-November-24
Turks, Arabs Welcomed the Balfour Declaration 2017-November-06
The Six-Day War: An Inevitable Conflict2017-May-19
How Arafat Distorted the Oslo Process 2016-September-30
The "Occupation" Ended 20 Years Ago2016-June-22
Mideast Countries Are Agents of Their Own Destiny2015-September-25
Islamist Realities 2015-February-27
West Cannot Control Resurgent Islam2014-November-28
Palestinian Leaders Don't Want an Independent State2014-June-09
The Palestinians' Real Enemies2014-March-07
Israel's Arabs: Deprived or Radicalized?2013-January-09
The War Against the Jews 2012-August-24
1948: Palestine Betrayed2012-May-01
The Middle East's Real Apartheid 2012-March-09
The Revisionist History of Sari Nusseibeh2011-October-21
Land for War2011-August-05
Reclaiming a Historical Truth: Arab Villagers Were Ordered Out by Local Leaders 2011-June-10
How Many Palestinian Arab Refugees Were There? 2011-April-15
Not Taking Yes for an Answer2010-August-24
Shimon Peres Versus the Brits 2010-August-06
The Palestinians, Alone2010-August-02
Who's Against a Two-State Solution?2010-July-21
The Middle East that Could Have Been - If Only Arab Leaders Hadn't Opted for War2010-May-17
Palestine Betrayed by Efraim Karsh2010-May-07
Muslims Won't Play Together2010-March-02
What's Behind Western Condemnation of Israel's War Against Hamas?2009-January-12
1948, Israel, and the Palestinians - The True Story2008-May-09
The Diplomatic Dance with Hamas2008-May-02
After Annapolis: What Chance for Agreement with Abbas and the PLO? 2008-January-02
Book Review: A Palestinian Two-Step2007-May-04
Why Are Arabs Upset by Saddam's Execution?2007-January-04
Opportunity Knocks2006-July-21
Book Review: United States of Arabia2006-June-23
Islam's Imperial Dreams 2006-April-04
Iran Says It Wants to Destroy Israel. Why Is Everyone Shocked?2005-November-02
European Misreading of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Finnish Foreign Minister Tuomioja - A Case Study2005-July-12
Columbia and the Academic Intifada2005-July-08
Return Address 2005-May-18
Arafat Lives2005-January-04
Arafat's Grand Strategy2004-August-04
Without a Change in Palestinian Leadership, Mideast Will Never See Peace2003-September-24

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