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Dore Gold

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Israel-Arab Ties Warm Up2018-November-06
Khashoggi and the Jewish Question2018-October-12
Dore Gold: To Solve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Realism Is the Name of the Game 2018-September-17
Philippines' Duterte Visit Sparks Debate over Israel's Diplomacy 2018-September-03
Video: Jeremy Corbyn and the Resurgence of European Anti-Semitism - Amb. Dore Gold2018-August-29
Netanyahu Says He Has Not Given Up on U.S. Recognition of Israeli Control over Golan 2018-August-24
Video: Recognizing Israeli Sovereignty on the Golan Heights2018-August-24
Video: Recognizing Israeli Sovereignty on the Golan Heights2018-July-27
Video: Will the Trump-Putin Summit Lead to Some Pushback Against Iran in Syria2018-July-20
Recognizing Israeli Sovereignty on the Golan Heights 2018-July-17
Study: BDS Does Palestinians More Harm than Good2018-June-18
Dore Gold: A Deal on North Korea's Denuclearization Will Serve as a Precedent2018-June-13
Israel Wants Iran Out of All of Syria2018-June-06
Dore Gold: Why Would We Expect NATO to Help Us in an Iran War?2018-June-05
Russia Constrains Iran2018-June-04
Video: Hamas, Gaza, and the Rush to Judgment2018-May-25
U.S. and Israel Aligned Against Iran2018-May-14
Video: The Iranians Are Going to Put All Their Illicit Weapons Development in Uninspected Sites2018-May-10
The New Iranian Expansion into the Sahara2018-May-09
Netanyahu's Wake-Up Call to the World on the Iranian Nuclear Program 2018-May-02
Video - Israel at 70: Flourishing against All Odds2018-April-18
Video: Israel and Syria: The UN and the Distortion of International Law2018-March-29
Checking the Washington Post's Fact Checker 2018-March-26
Amb. Dermer: U.S. Jerusalem Recognition Is "Shock Therapy" for Palestinians2018-March-15
Video: A Negotiated Route to Kurdish Independence2018-March-01
Jerusalem Embassy Move Strengthens U.S. Credibility 2018-February-27
Lavrov Issues Rare Rebuke of Iran2018-February-20
Palestinian Bid for UN Recognition of Little Value2018-February-16
Video: The Assault on the Jewish Connection to Jerusalem 2018-February-09
Video: The Brewing Conflict along the Red Sea2018-February-02
Video: U.S. Right to Raise Questions about UN Refugee Agency for Palestinians2018-January-25
Turkish Pro-Erdogan Group Hacks Twitter Account of Former Israel Foreign Ministry Director General2018-January-23
Abbas Is Not a Peace Partner2018-January-16
Video: A Changed Saudi Arabia2018-January-03
Video - Israeli Diplomat: Palestinian Negotiators Must Enter the "Box of Realism"2017-December-11
Video: It Is an American Right to Decide Where Its Embassy Will Be Located2017-December-08
Video: Any Future Security Arrangements for Israel Will Have to Be Far Stronger2017-November-24
Video: Is It True the UN Created Israel? 70 Years since UN General Assembly Resolution 1812017-November-22
Calls to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem ahead of New Deadline 2017-November-09
Moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem: Challenges and Opportunities 2017-November-09
Video: Why Kurdistan Matters2017-November-03
The Historical Significance of the Balfour Declaration 2017-November-01
Video: There Is a Precedent for Renegotiating Flawed Agreements2017-October-17
Video - Inspections and Monitoring: The Weak Link in the Iran Nuclear Deal2017-September-27
Do the Original Assumptions Underlying the Iran Nuclear Agreement Have Any Basis Today?2017-August-29
Video: Thwarting a New Iranian Empire2017-August-25
Video: A Warning on Iran-North Korea Missile Cooperation2017-August-18
Iran Is Closely Watching U.S.-North Korea Nuclear Standoff2017-August-11
McMaster Is Aware of Iranian Threats2017-August-10
Video: Beyond the Debate over Metal Detectors2017-July-27

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