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Dore Gold

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West Bank Killings Lead to Restrictions2005-October-19
In West Bank, Israel Sees Room to Grow2005-August-29
Legal Acrobatics: The Palestinian Claim that Gaza is Still "Occupied" Even After Israel Withdraws 2005-August-26
Defensible Borders2005-August-23
UN Funds Palestinian Campaign2005-August-19
Blair Should Know that Al-Qaeda, London Attacks Not Linked to Israel 2005-August-12
Gaza Disengagement is about Defensible Borders for Israel2005-July-29
Israel Must Retain Borders It Can Defend2005-July-25
The Gaza Gamble: Israel's Long-Range Goal Is Borders It Can Defend 2005-July-22
Despite Israeli Alerts, UN Transfers Thousands to Hamas Affiliates2005-January-28
To Retain Credibility, UN Must Insist Syria Behave2005-January-07
What If Bush Invited Sharon and Abu Mazen to Camp David? The Prospects for Negotiations in the Post-Arafat Era2005-January-06
Can the UN Be Redeemed?2004-December-31
The Arafat Paradox2004-November-12
Israel Feuds with Agency Set Up to Aid Palestinians 2004-October-19
Who's Right on the War on Terrorism? The 9/11 Commission, the U.S. Senate Assessment of Prewar Intelligence, and the British Butler Committee2004-July-26
Israel Rejects World Court Ruling2004-July-12
Wartime Witch Hunt: Blaming Israel for the Iraq War2004-June-03
Bush Erases the Clinton Parameters 2004-April-16
Israel's Interests Take Primacy2004-March-18
Poll: U.S. Public Favors United Jerusalem2004-February-27
Israeli Troops Raid Bethlehem After Bus Bombing2004-January-29
Hizballah Rocket Attack Kills Soldier2004-January-20
Sharon Defiant as Criticism of Security Barrier Increases2003-December-10
An Answer to the New Anti-Zionists: The Rights of the Jewish People to a Sovereign State in their Historic Homeland2003-November-10
Israel's Cabinet Approves Barrier Inside West Bank2003-October-02
Saudi Arabia's Dubious Denials of Involvement in International Terrorism2003-September-22
Ten Years After Oslo - Three Views2003-September-09
Reopening the Temple Mount to People of All Faiths2003-August-27
Palestinian Homicide Bomber Murders 20 Israelis on Jerusalem Bus2003-August-20
Experts Say Saudi Money Flows to Terror Groups2003-August-05
Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar Denounces Former Israeli Ambassador Dore Gold Over Terrorism Funding Charges2003-July-21
Saudis Provide Most of Hamas Funding2003-July-16
Palestinians Confirm No Massacre in Jenin2003-July-15
Defensible Borders for Israel2003-July-08
Saudi, Born and Bred2003-June-23
International Peacekeepers Are Not the Solution2003-June-12
Sharon and Abbas Vow Moves to End Violence 2003-June-05
The Saudis and the Roadmap2003-May-16
The Suicide Bombing Attacks in Saudi Arabia: A Preliminary Assessment2003-May-14
The New Arafat-Abu Mazen Cabinet: A Roadblock to Middle East Peace2003-April-24
The Kingdom of Incitement2003-April-14
Reining in Riyadh 2003-April-07
Israel Should Not Pay the Price for Iraq 2003-April-01
Catching Saudi Arabia Red-Handed2003-March-18
Baseless Comparisons: UN Security Council Resolutions on Iraq and Israel 2002-September-24
Naming the War: Two Years of Violence 2002-September-20
Did the Airstrike Undermine an Impending Agreement? 2002-July-25
It's Not Just the Fundamentalists2002-June-26
Israel Widens Military Operations in West Bank 2002-June-21

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