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Daniel Pipes

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Arab Leaders Finesse Military Defeat2021-June-17
Erdogan Is No Friend to America2019-October-24
Fatah Says the "Campaign for Jerusalem" Has Begun 2017-July-26
Convince the Palestinians that Israel Is Permanent2017-June-13
Most Palestinians Dream of Obliterating the Jewish State2017-April-14
A New Strategy for Israeli Victory2016-December-23
Ending a Century of Palestinian Rejectionism 2015-October-30
The Middle East Is Running Out of Water2015-May-15
An Arab Prince Denounces Islamism2014-December-11
Adding Turkey to the "State Sponsors of Terrorism" List2014-December-02
Turkey's Support for ISIS Islamist Terrorists2014-June-19
Can Islamists Transit from Dictatorship to Democracy?2014-May-20
Obama to Palestinians: Accept the Jewish State2013-March-28
Using Cold War Tactics to Confront Iran2013-January-10
Gaza's Not the Key, Philadelphi Is2012-November-29
Intervention in Syria Is a Trap2012-August-21
Lessening UNRWA's Damage? 2012-July-10
Panel: Jerusalem of Incidental Importance in Islam 2012-March-16
Why Golda Meir Was Right 2012-March-09
Peculiar Proliferation of Palestine Refugees 2012-February-24
Are Egypt's Islamists Heading for a Fall? 2012-February-07
Ending the Palestinian "Right of Return"2012-January-17
South Sudan, Israel's New Ally2012-January-03
Is Turkey Going Rogue? 2011-September-28
Declaring a Palestinian State, Yet Again 2011-August-05
Egypt's Military Holds onto Power2011-July-18
Not Stealing Palestine, But Purchasing Israel2011-June-22
My Optimism on the New Arab Revolt2011-March-02
In the Middle East, Militaries Remain the Ultimate Power Brokers 2011-February-03
The Arabs vs. Iran: What They Really Think 2010-December-24
Britain's New Export: Islamist Carnage 2010-August-06
Turkey in Cyprus vs. Israel in Gaza2010-July-21
Trust the Palestinian Authority? 2010-July-09
Accepting Israel as the Jewish State2010-May-12
Palestine Betrayed by Efraim Karsh2010-May-07
Major Hasan's Islamist Life 2009-November-20
Peace Process or War Process?2009-September-25
Is Eastern Jerusalem "Occupied Territory"? 2009-August-14
An Israeli Consensus for Jewish Sovereignty in Jerusalem2009-July-22
The Limits of Terrorism 2009-April-24
The Roadmap Leads to a Two-State Solution2009-April-02
That Surreal Gaza Reconstruction Conference2009-March-04
Must Counterinsurgency Wars Fail?2008-September-11
God Bless Al-Jazeera 2008-July-16
How to Turn Gaza Over to Egypt2008-February-07
Give Gaza to Egypt2008-January-30
Palestinians Who Prefer Israel -2008-January-03
Does Palestinian Violence Derive from Despair or Hope? 2007-December-27
Uniting to Exclude Saudi Arabian Airlines2007-August-22
The Failure of Middle Eastern Studies in America2007-August-17

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