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Daniel Gordis

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How the Deir Yassin Libel Helped Create the Palestinian Refugee Problem2022-January-13
The Purpose of Zionism Was to End Millennia of Jews Living in Fear 2021-December-13
Palestinian Actions Have Made Israel Averse to Territorial Compromise2021-June-07
Vaccination Miracle Brings Israel Back to Its Roots 2021-January-04
Israelophobia and the West: The Hijacking of Civil Discourse on Israel and How to Rescue It2020-March-02
Mizrahi Jews View the Palestinian Front2019-November-29
Asking the Wrong Question about the Occupation2019-November-22
Book Review: The Differing Perspectives of American and Israeli Jews2019-September-13
What American Jews Just Don't Get about Israel2019-September-10
In Israel's 2019 Election, Peace Was Not on the Agenda2019-April-19
Most Progressive Israelis Are Zionists2018-November-02
There Is Nothing Israel Can Do to End the Calls for Its Destruction 2018-May-04
Netanyahu Presents Israel's Case at the White House 2017-February-17
Israel Was Not Born from 19th Century Colonialism 2016-October-21
We Need to Talk about Israel 2016-October-21
Brexit and the Validation of Zionism2016-July-05
No Country for Jews?2015-October-19
So How Is Hamas Different from Islamic State, Israel Wonders?2014-August-22
America's Moral Compass2014-August-06
Palestinian Intransigence Is the Obstacle to Peace2014-March-03
Yitzhak Shamir's Perspective 2012-July-05
The Future of the Jews2012-April-27
A Referendum on Israel2011-September-15
The Other Existential Threat2010-October-05
A Botched Raid, a Vital Embargo 2010-June-03
Are Jerusalem's Jewish Neighborhoods "Settlements"? 2010-March-29
Biden's Visit to Israel and Construction in Jerusalem2010-March-11
Obama Is Right, It's Time for Honesty 2009-June-19
Peace Has Never Been Up to Israel; It's Always Been Up to the Arabs2009-May-28
Israel's Morality and the World's Myopia2004-December-07
Book Review: Blown Up and Blamed For It 2004-April-09
Book Review: Setting the Record Straight2004-March-12

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