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Council on Foreign Relations

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How Isolated Is Israel?2015-June-08
Saudi Arabia and Israel Share a Common Opposition 2015-June-05
Israelis and Saudis Reveal Secret Talks to Thwart Iran2015-June-05
Indyk: Abbas Is Uninterested in Negotiations2015-May-25
Why Is Israel Criticized for Helping Nepal Earthquake Victims?2015-May-06
Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif's Bluster 2015-April-30
Islamic State Atrocity Videos Violate the Laws of War2015-April-17
Rare Bipartisanship in Congress over Iran 2015-April-15
Russian Arms Sale Will Strengthen Iran's Military Posture2015-April-14
Outline of Iran Nuclear Deal Sounds Different from Each Side2015-April-06
The Future of the Iran Nuclear Deal2015-April-06
Iran Backs Away from Key Detail in Nuclear Deal2015-March-30
An Ugly Double Standard for Israel 2015-March-26
The Iran Time Bomb2015-March-24
Obama Buries the Hatchet - in Netanyahu's Head2015-March-20
After the Prime Minister's Speech, a Spreading Sense of "Uh-Oh" 2015-March-06
U.S. and Israel: The Manufactured Crisis 2015-March-03
The Strategic Genius of Iran's Supreme Leader 2015-March-02
Why Israel Is Fighting Obama's Iran Deal 2015-February-27
Why the White House Is Getting Lonelier on Iran2015-February-10
About that Netanyahu Invitation to Address Congress 2015-January-28
Time to Take It to Iran2015-January-26
With Talks on Ice, Palestinians' Mahmoud Abbas Declares Diplomatic War on Israel 2015-January-12
Report: Saudi Arabia to Allow Jews to Work in Kingdom2014-December-31
Israel's Successful Pivot to Asia 2014-December-08
A Nuclear Deal with Iran Will Require the West to Reevaluate Its Presumptions2014-December-05
With Killings in Jerusalem, Prospect of U.S.-Sponsored Talks Dims Further2014-November-19
Iran's Vested Interest in Nuclear Talks2014-November-13
Why the Arab Peace Initiative Is Not a Suitable Platform for Meaningful Negotiations2014-November-07
Iran Poised to Choose Nuclear Power over Economic Prosperity2014-November-04
U.S. Policy, Viewed from the Middle East2014-November-03
Report: U.S. May OK More Centrifuges in Iran Nuclear Talks 2014-October-21
The New York Times and Israeli Settlements - Again 2014-October-21
The President and New Housing in Jerusalem2014-October-03
Iran Remains Our Biggest Challenge2014-September-19
UN Peacekeepers on Israel's Border Fled Under Pressure 2014-September-18
Israel and the Arab World: Alliances of Convenience in a Long War2014-September-04
Who Won the Gaza War?2014-September-02
Islamic State Now Controls Unmatched Resources and Territory2014-August-04
The Gaza War and the Feeble PA2014-August-03
Why Did Hamas Provoke a War?2014-July-10
Why Turkey Now Wants Iraq to Break Up2014-July-03
Facts on the Ground: Inside Israel's Settlement Slowdown2014-June-27
The U.S. Should Not Cooperate with Iran on Iraq 2014-June-18
Getting Fooled by Iran in Iraq2014-June-16
Dangerous Unity: The Perils of the New Fatah-Hamas Government2014-June-11
How Iran Gains from Assad Victory2014-June-10
The Mirage of Political Islam 2014-June-06
Why Israel Fears Containment of a Nuclear Iran2014-May-22
Blaming Israel Again2014-May-19

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