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Trying to Make Israel vs. Hamas about Race Is Nonsensical and Dangerous 2021-June-03
Experts Warn Against Quick Return to Iran Nuclear Deal 2021-January-28
Some Arab Leaders Don't Want to Be Held Back by Palestinian Rejectionism 2020-August-17
Iran's Leadership Thinks Escalation Can Pay Off 2019-September-19
Dept of Defense: Intelligence Showed Iranian "Campaign" of Threats2019-May-30
Why Gaza Hasn't Erupted into All-Out War 2019-May-08
Not a Single American Soldier Has Died Defending Israel2019-April-01
How Dare Chelsea Clinton Defend the Jews2019-March-20
What about "the Benjamins" Coming from the Gulf States? 2019-March-13
Iranian Hostility toward Israel Is Not Inevitable 2019-January-25
A Closer Look at European Anti-Semitism 2018-December-28
Crafting a Constructive Gaza Policy2018-December-28
Another War in Lebanon?2018-September-14
Foreign-Funded NGOs, Political Power, and Democratic Legitimacy2018-June-26
Everyone Loves Israel Now 2018-March-30
Egyptian Leaders Accept Jerusalem Move 2018-January-08
Why the Palestinian Public's Response to Trump's Jerusalem Announcement Has Been Lukewarm2017-December-20
Why the Jerusalem Announcement Won't Hurt America's Arab Alliances2017-December-08
Israeli Strike in Syria a Signal to Iran and Russia 2017-December-04
Video: The U.S. Mideast Peace Initiative2017-December-04
Netanyahu: We Will Not Allow the Iranian Regime - that Calls for the Destruction of Israel - to Entrench Itself Militarily in Syria2017-December-04
We Need a Better Strategy for Containing and Checking Iran2017-October-24
Valerie Plame's Real Blunder 2017-September-27
$110 Billion Arms Deal to Saudi Arabia Is Fake News2017-June-13
Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem Is Not a "Concession" to Israel2017-May-23
Haley Wants Iran, Not Israel, at Core of UN's Middle East Agenda2017-April-20
Israel, the U.S., and the UN 2016-December-30
U.S. Policy and the Fall of Aleppo 2016-December-20
Most Arabs in Israel Want to Integrate into Israeli Society2016-December-16
Netanyahu: In the Middle East, -the Weak Don't Survive-2016-December-05
Iran Deal Was Vulnerable All Along 2016-November-21
U.S.-Israel Security Aid Agreement Prevents Congress from Giving Israel More Money in 2017 and 20182016-September-15
Iran Vessel Harasses U.S. Navy Ship in Persian Gulf 2016-September-07
Two-State Solution Won't Solve Mideast Crisis, Says Brookings Expert2016-July-06
Saudi Arabia Turns Up the Heat on Hizbullah2016-April-01
The Islamic State's European Front 2016-March-24
The Obama Doctrine Revisited2016-March-14
Where Is It More Dangerous? 2016-March-11
Why U.S. Middle East Policy Is Failing2016-February-16
Doing Business with Iran 2016-January-29
No Change in Iran After the Nuclear Deal2016-January-29
Russia Bogging Down in Syria 2015-December-11
The Islamic State in the Sinai Peninsula2015-October-26
Here's How America Can Really Make the Iran Deal Better2015-September-03
U.S. Concerned about Russian Arms Sales to Iran 2015-August-20
Israeli Opposition Leader: Iran Deal Will Bring Chaos to the Middle East 2015-July-21
Will the UN Report on Gaza Constrain Future U.S. Military Action? 2015-June-26
Endgame in the Iran Negotiations: The Choice Is Tehran's 2015-June-11
Assad's Spy Chief Arrested over Syria Coup Plot2015-May-11
Iran Likely to Act More Aggressively after a Nuclear Deal2015-April-14

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