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Benny Morris

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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Isn't about Race2022-February-14
The Falsehood of "Ethnic Cleansing" by Israel2021-July-12
The Times of London Presents Palestinian Propaganda as History2020-May-26
How Israel Can Deter Iran2019-August-19
Rashida Tlaib Has Her History Wrong2019-May-15
Israeli Historians Claims 30-Year Genocide against Ottoman and Turkish Christians2019-January-18
Video: Mahmoud Abbas Contradicts the Palestinian Narrative on Refugees2018-December-18
The Forgotten 60,000 Jewish Refugees from Palestine2018-September-14
"Ethnic Cleansing" and Pro-Arab Propaganda 2016-October-25
Israel Conducted No Ethnic Cleansing in 19482016-October-14
The Mideast Peace Process' Biggest Myth2016-March-01
"The Palestinians Will Never Agree to a Two-State Solution" 2015-November-13
Expulsions in Israel's War of Independence Were Acts of Self-Defense2014-November-14
Ariel Sharon: 1928-20142014-January-13
The "Arab Street" and Democracy2012-November-13
Historian Benny Morris: The Palestinians Are Not Interested in a Two-State Solution 2012-September-25
Obama's Last Chance Before Israel Bombs Iran2012-August-17
The Case for Stopping Iran at All Costs2012-August-13
The Truth about the Nakba2012-May-18
On Iran, a Stark Choice 2012-February-17
Israel's New Allies2012-February-03
Arab Spring or Islamist Surge? 2011-November-04
Why (Almost) Everyone Loses in the Prisoner Swap 2011-October-18
The Islamist Message of the Arab Spring2011-September-13
Israel Under Siege2011-September-07
Turkey's Islamic Revolution 2011-August-03
Eliminating Israel 2011-July-21
Accosted on Kingsway2011-June-24
Exposing Abbas2011-May-27
Palestinians Dupe the West2011-April-26
Iran Marches Forward2011-April-22
The Islamic Reformation2011-April-06
The West's Revenge on Gaddafi2011-March-24
Losing the Middle East2011-February-24
Book Review: Fallible Memory2011-February-11
The West Must Be Wary of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood 2011-February-04
Wailing over the Palestine Papers 2011-January-26
Muslims and Truth2011-January-12
A British Deserter Who Joined the Jews in the 1948 War2010-December-24
Grim Prospects for a Palestinian State 2010-December-09
The Metaphor of the Falling Man2010-September-29
When Armageddon Lives Next Door 2010-April-16
Obama Ignores Palestinian Rejection of Two-State Proposals2010-March-29
Free Speech at Cambridge 2010-February-05
Book Review: The Latest Word in Israel-Bashing2009-December-04
Can the U.S. Revive the Middle East Peace Process?2009-September-15
Do Palestinians Want a State? 2009-July-09
The U.S. and Israel 2009-July-07
No Common Ground 2009-May-27
A Misreading of History2009-May-15

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