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Benny Avni

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"Nongovernmental" Organizations in the Palestinian Territories Toe the Authorities' Line2021-November-01
The Palestinians' Eternal "No" 2019-July-05
Slaying the Sacred Cows of Palestinian-Israeli Diplomacy2018-August-28
To Get a State, Palestinians Should Do What the Zionists Did 2017-December-01
It's Not the Saudis Destroying Lebanon - It's Iran 2017-November-24
Israel Enforces "Red Lines" in Syria2017-September-08
U.S. Pursuing a Strategy of Quiet Diplomacy on Israeli-Palestinian Peace2017-August-29
This Isn't about Metal Detectors2017-July-26
Why Did U.S. Veto UN Post for Palestinian Ex-PM 2017-February-15
An Act of Diplomatic War?2016-December-26
Ohio State Attack Looks Familiar to Israelis2016-November-30
How Your Tax Dollars Are Funding Hamas' Next Terror War2016-August-10
Israel-Turkey Reconciliation Is Good for America2016-June-28
The New UN Consensus on Syria: Israel Must Pay 2016-April-27
Plans to Rebuild Gaza Keep Getting Undermined2014-November-04
Turkey Loses UN Security Council Seat in Huge Upset2014-October-17
Scarlett Johansson Stands Tall Against Israel Boycotters2014-January-23
How the Nuke Deal Looks to Iran 2014-January-15
Why Europe Won't Name Terrorists2013-February-19
Israel's Election Outcome2013-January-23
Kicking the Iran Can Past Election Day2012-April-16
In 2012, No Mideast Peace Pact2012-January-03
Morocco's King Makes Quiet Reforms2011-July-07
The UN Statehood Charade 2011-June-02
UN Fetes New Anti-Israel Movie2011-March-14
ElBaradei and the Generals2011-February-02
Next Mideast Flashpoint Could Be Mediterranean Gas Fields 2011-January-06
Support for Israel Costs Canada Seat on UN Security Council 2010-October-13
Why Addition of Columbian President Improves UN Turkish Flotilla Panel2010-August-04
The Arab Lobby Racks Up Another Victory2010-March-04
The Goldstone Hustle2010-February-05
Bethlehem's Exodus: Christians Flee Muslim Pressure2009-December-24
Diplomacy Can't Stop Arms Sales2009-September-11
Time to Push the Arabs 2009-August-07
Distancing America from Israel 2009-March-31
Israel's Election Winner: Peace Skeptics 2009-February-12
Defeating Hamas for America's Sake2008-December-31
Will Syria Get Away with Murder?2008-December-23
Hizbullah Has Tripled Its Missile Arsenal, Barak Warns 2008-July-30
Iran Diplomacy an Exercise in Self-Delusion 2008-July-08
Saudis Pushing UN Move Against Israel 2008-June-13
Egyptian's Bid for UN Post in Doubt After Call to Burn Israeli Books2008-May-29
Russia Seeking to Include Hamas in Moscow Middle East Parley 2008-April-11
Hizbullah Leader: Israel Can Be "Eliminated"2008-March-25
Will Responsibility for Gaza Shift to Egypt? 2008-January-24
Source: Syria Working on Clandestine Nuclear Program Since 19862007-September-20
Ahmadinejad Seeking to Address the UN2007-March-16
Paris Meeting to Show International Support for Lebanon's Government2007-January-24
Asking the Scapegoat to Take One for the Team2006-November-20
On Iran, Toothless Diplomacy2006-October-31

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