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Amir Taheri

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Iran's Next Nuke-Talk Ploy to Con the West2013-August-13
Egypt's Generals' Dilemma 2013-August-01
Misreading the Middle East2013-July-23
Farewell, Ataturk 2013-June-28
President-Elect Rowhani Faces Inflated Expectations2013-June-21
Attack of the Body-Snatchers 2013-May-14
The Art of Turning Neighbors into Enemies2013-April-10
Hizbullah Deaths in Syria Mount2013-March-13
Iran, Russia Building "Strategic Partnership"2013-February-14
In Jordan, the Brotherhood Loses2013-January-25
Iran's Panic 2012-December-12
America and the Middle East: The Next Four Years 2012-November-13
Is Hassan Nasrallah a "Zionist Agent"?2012-October-23
Egypt's Mosques Are Up for Grabs2012-September-20
Another Blow in the Islamists' War2012-September-13
Egypt's Morsi Shocks the Mullahs 2012-August-31
Arab Spring Punctures Two-State Solution 2012-July-27
Iran Nuke Talks a Wild-Goose Chase 2012-July-05
Book Review: Should Israel Exist? 2012-June-29
Stand Up on Syria: How to Help without Invading 2012-June-12
What Egyptians Didn't Vote For 2012-June-01
Iran Claims U.S. OK on Enrichment2012-April-17
Iran: Change of Behavior or Regime Change? 2012-March-16
A One-State Solution? 2012-March-09
Assad's Evil Endgame 2012-February-27
Why Talks with Iran Are Worse than Futile 2012-February-22
Iran's Self-Defeating Saber-Rattling 2012-January-04
Reading the Arab Elections: Not an Islamist Wave 2011-November-30
Syria's Resilient Revolt2011-October-26
Russia's Syria Game2011-October-10
Peace with Israel Has Served Egypt Well2011-September-23
Turkey Pressures Assad to Step Down2011-July-20
In Syria: A Strange Political Beast2011-July-15
Princes of Persia2011-June-03
Egypt's Revolution2011-May-13
Syrian Crackdown Is Failing 2011-May-06
The Tehran-Damascus Axis 2011-April-28
Report: Syrian Security Forces Reluctant to Shoot Demonstrators2011-April-18
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader in Tehran Calls for Israel to Be "Wiped Off the Map"2011-March-07
Iran Revolutionary Guard Skips a Crackdown2011-February-22
Mortal Blow to Mubarak's Reign2011-February-02
Showdown Coming Between Iran's Workers and the Mullahs 2010-December-27
Ahmadinejad Reports to the Hidden Imam 2010-November-30
"Wherever There Is Hizbullah There Is Iran"2010-August-16
A Change in Tehran's Propaganda War Against Israel2010-June-10
Regime on the Brink 2010-February-15
Will Tehran Choose the Tiananmen Solution?2010-February-09
Symbolic Gestures Won't Deter This Regime 2009-December-17
Iran's Democratic Moment 2009-December-10
Diplomatic Deception: Iran Seeking Fuel for Research Reactor Scheduled to Close Down 2009-November-03

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