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Amir Taheri

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The Khomeinist System Is on Borrowed Time2022-November-07
Iran Regime Officials Seek Future in U.S.2022-October-27
Iran: Freedom-Lovers Win a Round2022-October-20
Tehran Debates the Bomb 2022-September-01
Why Economic Carrots Won't Appease Iran2022-August-01
The Ayatollah's Model for the World2022-July-07
Night Falls on Afghanistan: Again2021-August-23
The Ayatollah's Game Plan 2021-June-10
Iran: Gaza Is "the Advance Bunker of the Resistance Front"2021-May-31
Why Should the U.S. Bother to Stop the Mullahs?2021-April-19
Iran's "Supreme Guide" Sets Conditions for Election Candidates 2021-February-04
Has the Iranian Regime Begun to Modify Its Behavior?2020-March-10
Tehran's "Deciders" Are an Increasingly Isolated Minority2020-February-07
Soleimani's Death Upsets Iran's Plan2020-January-17
After Wave of Protests, Iran Speaks of Public Hangings, Threatens West2019-November-29
Misunderstanding the Iraqi Uprising2019-November-21
Growing Threats to Iran's Middle East Empire2019-November-11
Why Iran's Soleimani Misreads Lebanon2019-October-25
If the U.S. Wants to Make a Deal with the Regime in Tehran, It Should Talk to Khamenei, Not Rouhani2019-September-06
An English Misunderstanding of Iran2019-July-29
Are Iran Sanctions Working? 2019-July-11
Why Does the Iranian Ruling Clique Hate America?2019-June-10
The Floods and the Mullahs2019-April-08
How the EU Supports the Islamic Republic2019-February-01
Iranians Demand a Normal State 2019-January-11
How Tehran Lobbyists Mislead Opinion in the West 2018-June-28
Deal-Making in the Middle East2018-March-02
Trump's New Strategy on Iran2017-October-18
Kissinger's Flawed Analysis of ISIS and Iran 2017-August-23
An End of Trickery on Iran 2016-November-22
America's Long Record as a Defender of Muslims2015-December-24
Do the Iranian People Support the Deal?2015-August-17
Ayatollah Khamenei Publishes Book on How to Destroy Israel2015-August-06
What U.S. Leaders Have Never Understood about Iran2015-July-20
Fatigue in the Arab World with the Palestine Issue2015-July-17
Iran's Persian Statement on "Deal" Contradicts U.S. Claims2015-April-06
Do the Palestinians Want a Two-State Solution?2015-March-24
We're Letting Iran and ISIS Carve Up Iraq2015-March-17
Iran's Suspect Deal in the Making2015-March-06
Is ISIS the Champion of the Downtrodden? 2015-February-27
Hamas and the Delusion of Victory2014-September-08
Countering Iraq's ISIS Challenge2014-September-01
In Most Muslim Countries There Is Little Support for Hamas2014-July-31
The Mad Dream of a Dead Empire that Unites Islamic Rebels2014-June-16
Moving Beyond the "Peace Process" 2014-May-01
Syria War Victory Seen as Key to Iran's Leadership of Muslim World2014-March-28
Handing the Middle East to Russia2014-February-17
Rouhani Approves Execution of Arab-Iranian Poet2014-February-04
The Geneva Deal Is Designed to Circumvent UN Resolutions 2013-December-27
Iran Nuke Deal Quietly Collapses2013-December-18

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