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Iran Reshaping Regional Dynamics in Its Favor 2014-March-28
Kerry's Diplomatic Double Standards2014-March-21
In Iran, It's the Guys with the Guns Who Call the Shots2014-February-25
Don't Expect Rouhani to Transform Iran 2013-December-25
Iran's Demographic Precipice2013-December-11
Iran Deal Risks Creating Another North Korea2013-November-28
Bad Iran Deal Worse than No Deal2013-November-12
Wishful Thinking on U.S.-Iran Nuclear Deal2013-November-08
A Korean Ghost Lurks at U.S.-Iran Nuclear Talks 2013-November-08
Ryan Crocker, Diplomacy, and the Iranian Elephant2013-November-05
Rouhani's Sincerity Is Extremely Unclear 2013-September-23
Lessons from Syria's Chemical Weapons Use 2013-August-23
Rafsanjani Is No Moderate 2013-May-13
The "Moderate" Muslim Brotherhood and the Jews 2013-May-07
The Geopolitics of Israel's Offshore Gas Reserves2013-April-05
No More Incentives for Iran2013-April-04
A Demographic Shift in the Muslim World2013-February-11
A Senseless Concession to Iran on Uranium Enrichment2013-January-30
Iran's IRGC Shows Its Hand in Syria 2013-January-15
Things the U.S. Should Do in the Middle East2013-January-14
Iran's Fake Anger 2012-November-06
Ecuador Allowing Iran to Evade Sanctions2012-August-29
Iran Doesn't Belong in the UN or IMF2012-August-14
U.S. Lawmakers Reach Compromise on Iran Sanctions2012-July-31
The Negotiation Delusion: Iran Talks Fail Again2012-July-11
Fertility Decline in the Muslim World2012-June-07
U.S., 18 Other Nations, Wrap Up Eager Lion Military Exercise in Jordan2012-June-01
Iranian Influence in the Levant, Egypt, Iraq, and Afghanistan2012-May-25
Iran Lists War Aims Against Israel2012-April-04
The Islamic World's Quiet Revolution 2012-March-14
America's Iranian Self-Deception2012-February-27
Iran Advances Nuclear Breakout Capacity2012-February-21
Esmail Qaani: The Next Revolutionary Guards Quds Force Commander? 2012-January-13
Make Clear to Tehran that Closing Shipping Lanes Won't Be Tolerated2012-January-06
Tehran's Hollow Hormuz Strait Threat2012-January-02
How Israel's Defense Industry Can Help Save America2011-December-12
Containing and Deterring a Nuclear Iran: Questions for Strategy, Requirements for Military Forces2011-December-07
What the Storming of the British Embassy in Tehran Tells Us2011-November-30
India Too Slow to Recognize Israel as Natural Ally 2011-October-21
The Trouble with Turkey 2011-October-14
The Mounting Hizbullah Threat in Latin America 2011-October-07
Israel: A Solid Strategic Asset for the U.S.2011-September-23
Palestinian UN Statehood Bid Is Broadway Theater2011-September-21
Erdogan's Temper Tantrum Should Benefit Kurds 2011-September-09
Iran's Most Dangerous General2011-July-15
Why Gaddafi's Fall Is in America's Interests 2011-June-24
The Economics of Settlement2011-June-17
How to Block the Palestine Statehood Ploy 2011-June-03
Ahmadinejad versus Khamenei: The Revolutionary Guards Win 2011-May-30
Egypt's Transformed Military 2011-February-17

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