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Aaron David Miller

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Betting on Reform in Iran2015-October-09
What If Israel Had Given Up the Golan Heights? A Lesson for Syria's Crisis2015-October-07
The Risks If Iran Doesn't Become More Moderate with Nuclear Deal2015-September-11
How Iran Fuels Negative Perceptions - and What that Means for the Nuclear Deal2015-August-27
The Deal Won't Stop Iran from Acquiring a Nuclear Weapon 2015-July-31
Chances for Israeli-Palestinian Peace in the Wake of the Iran Deal2015-July-30
Why War Isn't Inevitable If Congress Rejects the Iran Nuclear Deal2015-July-28
Does Iran's Behavior Suggest that It Will Abide by International Norms?2015-July-16
Can the U.S. Get a Good Iran Deal?2015-July-02
Surrounded by Hostile Neighbors, How Is Israel the 11th Happiest Nation in the World?2015-June-12
The U.S.-Israeli Relationship Really Is Too Big to Fail2015-May-29
Middle East Realities that Challenge Obama's Nuclear Deal with Iran 2015-May-22
Prospects for U.S.-Israel Relations 2015-May-14
Preserving Assad Is a Top Iranian National Security Priority2015-May-05
How Iran Outfoxes the U.S.2015-April-22
Iran Deal Certainly Isn't an Historic Transformation 2015-April-08
The High Price of U.S. Cooperation with Iran2015-March-31
Why a Netanyahu Victory Isn't Likely to Make U.S.-Israel Relations Worse2015-March-20
The Risks in Negotiating with Syria's Assad2015-March-16
U.S.-Israel Defense Relations Stay Solid2015-February-18
U.S.-Israel Relationship Is Too Big to Fail2015-February-02
Fatal Attraction: Prospects for a U.S. Engagement Strategy with Iran2015-January-22
Why the Palestinians' Diplomatic Intifada Will Fail2015-January-06
With Israel "War Crimes" Gambit, PA Risks Loss of U.S. Funding2015-January-05
Why the Iranian Nuclear Deal Didn't Happen2014-November-25
Middle East Meltdown2014-November-07
The Coalition of Convenience in the War Against the Islamic State2014-September-23
Cease-Fire between Israel, Hamas Failed Because U.S. Misread Reality2014-August-04
Arab Leaders View Hamas as Worse than Israel2014-July-31
Why Israel Launched a Ground War in Gaza2014-July-18
Obama to Outline Strategy that Aims to Avoid Overreach Overseas 2014-May-28
Kerry's Delusions about Mideast Peace 2014-May-26
The Mideast Peace Gap 2014-May-12
Why the Peace Talks Failed2014-May-07
Kerry's Apocalyptic Warnings Are Counterproductive2014-May-01
Israeli Settlement Plan Derailed Peace Talks, Kerry Says2014-April-09
The Jonathan Pollard Trial Balloon 2014-April-02
The U.S.-Saudi Relationship Really Is Too Big to Fail2014-March-26
Israel, Abbas Face Realities on Peace2014-March-18
Red Sea Deja Vu2014-March-07
Gaza Left Out of Mideast Peace Talks2014-February-27
One More Last Chance2014-January-01
Iran Wins on Points2013-November-27
Let's Not Celebrate This Iran Deal...Yet2013-November-25
Why the U.S. and Israel Are Split over the Iran Deal2013-November-12
Is Israel Doomed?2013-November-08
Israel Was Never America's Client2013-October-18
The Rouhani Phenomenon2013-October-09
The Mullahs Aren't Going to Charm Anyone for Very Long2013-October-01
Does John Kerry's Peace Process Have a Chance?2013-August-02

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