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Israel Confronts the Palestinian Lion's Den Militia in the West Bank2022-October-20
Abbas Asked Why There Is No Palestinian State. The Answers Were in His UN Speech 2022-September-29
Israel's Move Against Terror NGOs2022-August-29
Dutch MEPs: International Law Must Be Applied Consistently, including When It Concerns Israel2022-July-07
U.S. Presbyterians Support Settlements in Occupied Territory - in Nagorno-Karabakh2022-June-20
Selective Reporting at MSNBC Ignored Arab Riot2022-February-03
Obsessed with Israeli Settlements, Americans and Europeans Turn a Blind Eye to Palestinian Violence2022-January-13
Washington Post Shows Clear Bias in Its Language 2021-November-25
EU Announces Moves to Fight Anti-Semitism while Bankrolling Palestinian Hatred of Jews2021-October-11
Mahmoud Abbas' UN Speech Illustrates Why He Is No Partner for Peace2021-September-30
Israeli Critics' Iron Dome Defeat Is a Win for the U.S.2021-September-27
Ben and Jerry's Handed a Victory to the Campaign of Hate2021-July-22
America Is Misreading the Situation in the West Bank and Gaza2021-June-03
Ireland's Delusional Orgy of Criticism of Israel 2021-June-03
Key Critic of Israel Nominated to Be Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights2021-May-03
Former U.S. Ambassador David Friedman: In the Middle East, "Strength Keeps People Safe" 2021-March-22
The Return of the Peace Processors2021-February-04
Israeli Ambassador Urges UK to Move Embassy to Jerusalem 2020-December-28
Pompeo on Recognition of the Golan as Part of Israel and Lawful Settlements2020-November-23
U.S. to Permit Funding for Cooperative Projects in Israeli West Bank Communities 2020-October-29
The Legacy of Justus Reid Weiner, International Human Rights Scholar2020-September-07
How to Dismantle the Distorted Western Discourse on Israel2020-September-07
Israeli Consul General Dani Dayan Befriended Progressive American Jews 2020-August-06
The Jewish People's Rights2020-July-06
How the EU Discriminates Against Israel Diplomatically2020-June-26
Greenblatt: French Accusations Against Israel Are an Attack Against the United States2020-June-26
Don't Buy the "Annexation" Hype2020-June-24
Why the 1967 Six-Day War Still Matters 2020-June-09
Under the Radar: Arab States Agree to Israeli Sovereignty 2020-May-27
Israel: The Settlements Are Not Illegal2020-May-22
Legal Experts Question ICC over Alleged Israeli "War Crimes" Case 2020-May-15
How to Rescue Civil Discourse on Israel2020-May-15
Can Palestinians Stop Israel from Declaring Sovereignty over Parts of West Bank? 2020-May-12
American Ambassador Friedman: The U.S. Has No Interest in Recognizing Any State that Glorifies Terrorism2020-May-11
U.S. Ambassador to Israel: Applying Israeli Sovereignty in Judea and Samaria Is Israel's Decision 2020-May-06
How the Myth of a "Palestinian Right of Return" Makes Peace Impossible2020-May-01
Does Israel's Coalition Deal Means the U.S. Peace Plan Is Back on Track?2020-April-23
Israel's Relations with Jordan Will Survive Israeli Sovereignty in the Jordan Valley2020-April-17
AP Headline on Settlement "Surge" Misleads 2020-March-20
"Never Again" Means Standing Up for Israel2020-March-04
Pompeo Promises to Protect U.S. Businesses in UN West Bank Data Base 2020-March-03
The Netherlands Criticizes UN Council's "One-Sided, Anti-Israel" Attitude2020-February-14
Greenblatt: Palestinians' Aspirations Are Not Rights2020-February-14
The UN Blacklist, U.S. Laws, and U.S. Policy2020-February-14
The UN Once Again Proves Its Anti-Semitism2020-February-14
Palestinians Withdraw Request for UN Security Council Vote on U.S. Peace Plan2020-February-11
Video: The U.S. Peace Plan - A Changing Diplomatic Paradigm for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict2020-February-10
Occupied Elsewhere: Selective Policies on Occupations and Territorial Disputes2020-January-31
ISIS Declares War Against the Jews2020-January-28
Pompeo "Disavows" Carter-Era Anti-Settlement Policy 2020-January-09

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