Hamas' War on Israel Offers Sobering Clarity in the Fight Against Evil

(Newsweek) Aviva Klompas - It is already clear that Palestinian terrorists have crossed a line as never before. In an era when the line between right and wrong is constantly blurred, this is a moment of sobering clarity. Hamas has sunk to a depth of savagery that should shock us to the core. The terror group infiltrated Israel and attacked nearby communities. They slaughtered the elderly, gunned down civilians in their homes, kidnapped mothers with babies in their arms, mutilated the bodies of men and women, and paraded their victims through the streets of Gaza in a show of celebration. Through these and many other inhumane acts, Palestinian terrorists have shown their fight is not about settlements or checkpoints. On Saturday, we saw what militant Palestinians and their supporters mean when they tell us they want the land "From the River to the Sea." They want every inch of land - every city, town, and kibbutz - between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, and they want it cleansed of every single Jew. Some things are not open to interpretation. Certain lines should never be crossed. We must never confuse the terrorists who target civilians with an army that targets terrorists who attack its civilians.

2023-10-09 00:00:00

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