MSNBC Invents Facts to Bash Israel

(CAMERA) David Litman - On Sep. 3, NBC News correspondent Ali Velshi wove a narrative of an evil Jewish state, threading together outright lies with material omissions to tell his tale of a brutal, undemocratic apartheid state, leaving the network's audience not just uninformed but disinformed. Velshi described the 2023 fatalities in Israel as such: "According to the UN, nearly 200 Palestinians have been killed in Israel and the West Bank since the start of this year. That is the highest number since 2005. Apparently, some 30 Israelis have also been killed in these clashes." In fact, almost none of the Israelis were killed in "clashes." Rather, almost all of them were civilians going about their business who were murdered by Palestinian terrorists. For example, when Lucy Dee and her two daughters were gunned down on the road on a family trip to Tiberias, they were not engaged in "clashes." On the other hand, the vast majority of the Palestinians were killed either in clashes or while carrying out attacks. In another example of a disinterest in accuracy, Velshi claimed that Israel has approved construction of "thousands of new settlements." In fact, Israel approved the construction of new houses in already existing communities.

2023-09-14 00:00:00

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