Selective Reporting at MSNBC Ignored Arab Riot

(CAMERA-Reuters) Tamar Sternthal - MSNBC's Ali Velshi broadcast a report on Jan. 22, 2022, which abandoned any vestige of professional, objective journalism. In a segment entitled "A Shepherd's Resistance," he presents the case of Suleiman al-Hathaleen, who died of injuries received two weeks earlier when he was hit by a vehicle in Israeli police service in the West Bank. He was known to Palestinians as a veteran protester against Israeli settlements, and had stood in front of a tow truck that had been sent to his village of Um El-Kheir on Jan. 5 to confiscate unlicensed cars, a relative said. MSNBC reported: "The harassment continues. The goal was and always is to get Palestinians to leave the land, allowing more Israeli settlers to populate it....Haj Suleiman did what he had done for decades. He peacefully resisted. Then he was run over by an Israeli tow truck under contract to the Israeli police. Haj Suleiman was on the ground battered and bleeding." Ha'aretz reported: "According to police, dozens of Palestinians were blocking the road to stop the tow truck and throwing stones at the Israeli force. The driver was hit in the head, and the truck's windshield was shattered....As stones were being thrown, one of the rioters sprinted toward the tow truck, fell to the ground and was injured. Given the situation that emerged, in which an agitated mob tried to cause real harm to the force, it was impossible to stop and assist the injured person." Reuters reported that the police operation was not an embodiment of Israel's alleged nefarious population replacement plan, but was an effort to protect both populations. Velshi recast an effort to safeguard life by keeping unroadworthy vehicles out of circulation as nothing less than an Israeli population transfer scheme. The writer is director of CAMERA's Israel Office.

2022-02-03 00:00:00

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