Former Secretary of State Pompeo: Calling Israeli Communities Illegal Rewards Hamas Attacks

(Jerusalem Post) Tovah Lazaroff - Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responded to the White House on X on Friday: "Judea and Samaria are rightful parts of the Jewish homeland, and Israelis have a right to live there. President Biden's decision to overturn our policy and call Israeli "settlements" illegal will not further the cause of peace. It rewards Hamas for its brutal attacks on October 7th and punishes Israel instead. These Israeli communities are not standing in the way of peace; militant Palestinian terrorism is." Ma'aleh Adumim, with a population of 38,000, is due to receive authorization for the construction of an additional 2,350 housing units. Efrat, with a population of 11,800, is due to receive authorization for 694 new housing units.

2024-02-25 00:00:00

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